WEIRD NEWS: Camel D'oh!

A Louisiana woman got into a tussle with a captive camel -- and ended up biting the hapless creature in his private parts.

The unnamed woman crawled into Caspar the camel's enclosure to get her dog, who'd run in to get one of the treats his owner had been tossing near the cage. When she got near the camel, who's lived at the truck stop menagerie for over two decades, Caspar sat on her -- so she fought back by sinking her teeth into his genitals.

Authorities cited the woman and her husband for a leash law violation but didn't file charges against the truck stop owner, since he'd posted numerous "keep out" signs on the enclosure. Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Junior says, "The camel did nothing wrong, it was just doing its normal routine. They were the aggressive ones."

MORE OF THE STORY HERE: (Baton Rouge Advocate)

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