The D-List: Monday

New ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer Debuts During ‘Good Morning America’

This morning on Good Morning America, the trailer for Frozen 2 debuted.

The sequel will find Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven venturing outside of Arendelle for a new adventure into their past so they can discover their future.

In Frozen 1, Elsa was afraid that her powers were too much. In Frozen 2 she hopes that her powers are enough.

Disney is also producing Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 a behind-the-scenes docu-series that will debut on its Disney+ streaming service.

Frozen 1 is the highest grossing animated film of all time worldwide at the box office.

Frozen 2 hits theaters November 22, 2019.

Lil Nas X Says He Wouldn’t Have Come Out If He Was Still Living With His Parents

Lil Nas X still gets a lot of questions about his decision to come out.

He admits that if he still lived at home with his parents he would not have done it.

He felt comfortable now because he has his independence.

He said coming out to his father earlier in the month of June was hard. He described it as "nerve-wracking."

Viola Davis Changed into Sneakers at the Emmys and the Internet Lost It

Viola Davis clearly prefers comfort over fashion.

The award winning actress changed out of her heels into a pair of sneakers at this year's Emmy's.

She wore heels during her red carpet appearance, but swapped out of them once it was time for her to present an award.

The fashion moment was picked up quickly by social media users, who could totally relate to her last minute fashion choice.

Drescher in Talks for “Nanny” Reboot

There's been plenty of chatter about a possible reboot of "The Nanny" and it seems like it may be getting closer to becoming real and Cardi B could be coming along for the reboot. 

Fran Dresher, the star of the show, has said she's been speaking with Cardi's team to talk about the benefits of being part of the reboot. 

Fran didn't give up too much as far as storylines but did give up that she'd be happy to play Sylvia, the mother. 

She also mentioned that John Leguizamo could play the dad, and of course, Cardi would be their daughter.

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