Beeping Baseball Helps the Visually Impaired

An amazing game has been developed that allows the visually impaired to play baseball.

Beep Baseball -- which actually features a beeping baseball and beeping bases -- allows the visually impaired to hit and run and field, all in a safe space.

The ball beeps, so the hitter doesn’t need to see it coming. He or she hears it and is able to swing at it.

If the ball is hit, the batter runs toward a buzzing four-foot tall foam pylon, located 100 feet from home plate.

If the fielders locate and grab the beeping ball before the batter hits the buzzing pylon, it’s an out. If the batter gets to the pylon first, it’s a run.

It’s a brilliant idea and an amazing chance for the visually impaired to participate in team sports. (Major League Baseball)

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