The D-List: Thursday

Billy Porter's Big Entrance Derails James Corden's Interview

Pose star Billy Porter is known for his over-the-top outfits. They were put on full display on Wednesday's Late Late Show with James Corden.

As Corden invited Porter and Kirsten Dunst out for an interview, Porter made multiple grand entrances in different fashions.

Obviously a part of a sketch, Corden got "mad" and asked Porter to leave because he was cutting into the interview time with all of the fabulous intros.  

Porter left for a moment only to return doing a rendition of I Will Survive.

Shirtless Guys Are Baristas At This Coffee Shop

Fair is fair. The concept of bikini-clad women serving coffee has been around in some areas for a bit.

One coffee stand in Seattle thought it was time to flip the script and have toned men serving espresso without their shirts on. 

Dreamboyz Espresso opened last Friday and word of mouth has customers flocking to the location in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Will Mark-Paul Gosselaar Appear In The New "Saved By The Bell?"

When the reboot for Saved By The Bell was announced, one person missing from the cast list was Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Even though the plot was centered around Zach Morris' education policies as governor of California, MPG said he was "never approached" about being in the series.

TMZ reports that the team putting together the Saved reboot would love to have Gosselaar, but his schedule is very full as he is starring in ABC's new show Mixed-Ish. 

Reports say that Saved By The Bell staffers hope to get Gosselaar to appear as a guest star on the show as many times as his schedule will allow.

Disney's 1st Jewish princess character will be voiced by Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Disney is continuing their push for diversity.

They will soon introduce their first Jewish Latina princess on the children's tv show "Elena of Avalor."

Jamie-Lynn Sigler will be the voice behind the character.

She is best known for her role in the "Sopranos."

New York City Might Ban Chocolate Milk From Schools

Children that attend New York City public schools may have their chocolate milk taken away from them.

That's if a ban goes through from education officials there.

A Department of Education representative says the proposed ban is for the health and well being of students.

Some NYC schools have already removed chocolate milk from their menu.

The Jonas Brothers Makes Super Fan Go Viral

A super excited Jonas Brothers fan has gone viral after her concert performance was posted on Twitter.

Cam Wood attended the JoBros concert in Milwaukee this week. The tour videographer caught her dancing and singing along enthusiastically.

When the footage was posted on the Jonas Brothers' Twitter account, Wood retweeted it saying, "Here I am, doing my thing."

Wood has been to a dozen Jonas concerts over the last decade and she plans to see them three more times during their Happiness Begins tour.

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