The D-List: Monday

BTS' Break Is Over

It wasn't a long vacation for BTS.

The group took a month off to relax after a couple of years of whirlwind success.

A statement released by Big Hit Entertainment said, "Wrapping up its extended vacation, BTS departed overseas this morning for an engagement abroad."

The group has a few concerts already set for next month.

Meghan Trainor Is Covering the 'Friends' Theme Song for a Very Special Occasion

Meghan Trainor is giving us more than bass she is allowing us to relive our 90's dreams.

The singer is preparing for a 'Friends' theme 'I'll Be There' cover that will play on the radio.

It's all for the show's 25th anniversary.

'Friends' debuted on September 22, 1994.

Netflix Gets "Seinfeld"

Seinfeld is coming to Netflix.

The streaming network has acquired the rights to the classic TV show.

All 180 episodes will be available on Netflix starting in 2021.

Netflix recently lost Friends and The Office to other providers.

Taylor Swift Admits To Being Lazy

Taylor Swift said that she is a little on the lazy side.

In an interview, Swift said, "I’m sorta lazy. I slept until like 4 in the afternoon today. I'm low-key pretty lazy. It looks like I'm not because I do shows or whatever, and I write music sometimes. But I also deeply, aggressively love sleep."

While some fans loved her admission, others saw it for what it was. Since Swift tours and is up late, she probably doesn't go to bed at the same time most people do.

Swift also admitted to cleaning up her cats' litter boxes. She said, "Absolutely! I feel like my own cats would judge me if I didn’t. Because then I’d only be taking the good parts of cats and I wouldn’t be taking the struggles of cats."

Cardi B Wants Another Child After Touring

There are three months left in 2019, and Cardi B is already getting her plans together for 2020. 

During an Instagram Live session Cardi talked to fans about her 2020 plans and they included a new album, another tour, and another child. 

"After my tour, I'm planning to have another kid," Cardi said on IG. "I'm really planning to do all of that in less than a year."

Taylor Swift Joins The Voice Season 17

Taylor Swift will continue her role as a mentor in the music industry.

'The Voice' has announced she will return for season 17 to fulfill mega mentoring duties.

She previously took on the role in season 7 of the show.

'The Voice' coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton made the announcement on Instagram.

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