WEIRD NEWS: There's an App for Squat

An Arizona couple looking for a free place to live found one -- after they were taken to jail for squatting in a house they saw for sale on the internet.

Cops investigating a report of illegal occupancy found Gary Lynn and Adriana Gamboa, along with her two children, camped out in a home that was supposed to be vacant. According to the arrest report, officers called to the scene found “a stroller, bags of clothing, food and other personal items scattered throughout the house.”

Gamboa told the cops that the place was unlocked when she and Lynn stumbled upon it, but a search of her phone turned up an app with codes that could be used to unlock dozens of homes listed by the realtor in question. The pair was booked for trespassing and drug possession, and the children were remanded to the custody of child services. (AZFamily)


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