The D-List: Wednesday

Lil Nas X Not Mad at Kevin Hart for Interrupting Coming Out Story

Lil Nas X is coming to the defense of Kevin Hart who some felt was wrong for interrupting Nas X’s coming out story during HBO’s The Shop. 

In a recent interview Nas X says he’s not mad at Hart for the interruption, during the interview as Nas X was about to tell his coming out story, Hart blurted out, "He said he was gay, so what?!?" Many felt the comedian was tone-deaf to the situation especially after his criticisms of the LGBTQ community in past tweets. 

Lil Nas X insists he has no ill will toward Kevin Hart and if he did, he wouldn’t announce it publicly. 

Dancing Usher At Jonas Brothers Concert Goes Viral

An usher that was caught on video busting a move at a Jonas Brothers concert has gone viral and made it onto Good Morning America.

Sam Coy was an usher at a recent Jo Bros show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A video of him dancing to the performance wound up on Joe Jonas' Instagram.

After the video got thousands of views, GMA flew Coy to New York so he could show off his skills on Wednesday morning's show.


Rihanna Says She'd Love to Collab With 'Badass' Lizzo: 'She Is Everything That Savage Stands For!'

ICYMI, Rihanna has a girl crush on Lizzo. The singer and fashion mogul gave the “Truth Hurts” singer a standing ovation during her VMA performance and even sent her an encouraging message after the performance. 

Now Rihanna may be ready to collaborate with the singer saying, “Gosh I love Lizzo.

"I would collaborate with her on the lights for this interview right now...She is everything that Savage stands for," said Rihanna. 

According to Rihanna confidence like Lizzo’s is what her fashion brand is all about. “No matter your size, color or shape it’s your attitude that makes you savage.”

Bruno Mars Reacts To The Weeknd's New Mustache

The Weeknd turned heads by showing off his new look including a mustache at the Toronto International Film Festival.

One of the people who responded to the facial hair is Bruno Mars.

Mars posted a picture of him looking a little confused on Instagram with the caption, "This was the moment I saw The Weeknd's New Mustache."

When a fan posted a picture of Bruno and The Weeknd sporting staches on Twitter, Mars responded, "It's on now!"

New iPhone Design Triggering People With Unique Phobia

The new iPhone 11 Pro with three cameras is exciting to some people but terrifying to others.

People who suffer from trypophobia have a fear of small holes, circles or bumps.

The three cameras on the back of the phone had people with the condition discussing it on social media.

Apple hasn't commented on the feedback.

What do you think?

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