Teen Goes Blind Because Of Pringles, White Bread and French Fries

A teenager is paying the price for his bad diet.

A case in a medical journal says the young man went blind because he mainly ate Pringles, white bread and french fries. He also had sausage and processed ham mixed into his diet. 

After feeling tired at the age of 14, he was taken to the doctor. The teen had low B12 levels and anemia. One year later, his vision and hearing worsened. By 17-years-old, he was blind. His vision impairment was permanent. 

Some researcher were critical of the study saying that the teen's eating habits were an extreme case for his condition. There may have been other factors like genetics and environmental issues. 

MORE: https://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/teenage-fussy-eater-goes-blind-after-eating-only-fries-and-pringles-for-years/

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