The D-List: Tuesday

Jason Momoa Gets Stuck In Vancouver Elevator For At Least Two Hours

Jason Momoa is a warrior not a worrier even in the most stressful situations.

The actor got stuck in a Vancouver elevator for at least two hours with five other people and his dog.

They passed the time by drinking beer and eating candy.

Momoa even tried to break free with his fellow captors.

Nintendo Announces Mario Kart Tour Launching September 25th

Mario Kart mobile finally has a release date! Nintendo announced that Mario Kart Tour will be released to iOS and Android on September 25th.

Preorders for the game are now available on iOS. In addition to some classic Mario Kart tracks, the racing game will also feature courses inspired by real-world cities. The characters will even be given outfits to reflect the region they're racing in.

Will & Grace casts Demi Lovato

Will & Grace have cast Demi Lovato on the show.

The singer will play opposite Eric McCormack.

She will take on the role of Jenny during her appearance.

Lovato has been cast in three episodes that will premiere in 2020.

Beyoncé and Rihanna earn a spot on Forbes' highest-paid women in music list

Beyonce and Rihanna continue to make money moves.

The singing moguls both have earned a top spot on Forbes' highest-paid women in music list.

Taylor Swift comes in at No. 1 at $185 million, No. 2 is Beyonce at $81 million.

Rihanna comes in at No. 3 at $62 million.

Kids Water Bottles Sold At Target, Walmart Recalled Due To Choking Hazard

A kids water bottle sold at Target, Walmart, and other stores is being recalled due to a potential risk of choking.

The product is the Contigo Kids Cleanable Water Bottle, which features a silicone spout that can detach and become a choking hazard.  

The recall applies to 13, 14, and 20-ounce size bottles that specifically have a black-colored spout base and spout cover.

While no reports of choking have been confirmed, over 149 people have reported the spouts detaching, and some were found in the child's mouth.

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