The D-List: Monday

Taylor Swift Has Cameras Pointed at Her Backside at Meet-and-Greets Following Assault

Taylor Swift is making sure that she’s never sexually assaulted again. The Guardian is reporting that Swift is having cameras pointed at her butt to make sure she captures any inappropriate groping during meet and greets. 

“If something happens again, we can prove it with video footage from every angle,” Taylor said.

During her trial against DJ David Mueller, Swift was asked if she “saw” the DJ grope her, “no because my ass is in the back of my body," she responded.

Ryan Reynolds Trolls Wife Blake Lively For Birthday

Ryan Reynolds wished happy birthday to his wife Blake Lively on Sunday.

In a series of Instagram photos, Reynolds showed his love to his lady in his own unique way.

All of the pictures showed Lively looking out of sorts in the photos. Her eyes were closed, she was looking away from the camera and showing the weirdest look in a few of the pics. 

Reynolds looked fantastic in all of the shots. Of course he did.

Disney Is Building A "Frozen" Themed Roller Coaster

One of the new things unveiled at last weekend's D23 convention was a Frozen-themed rollercoaster.

Sadly, you won't find it at Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida. You'll have to go to Disneyland Hong Kong to ride it once it's complete.

The coaster will be called Wandering Oaken's Sliding Sleds. Passengers will ride sleds through Arendelle.

It will be part of a larger Frozen kingdom at the park. 

KFC Testing Plant-Based Fried Chicken

While everyone else is fighting over chicken sandwiches, KFC is turning attention to plant-based "chicken."

KFC will test a Beyond Meat version of their fried chicken in one restaurant in Atlanta.

Customers will be asked their opinion on the taste and KFC will decide what they will do next.

The fake chicken test starts on Tuesday.

New “Rise of Skywalker” Trailer Is Out

The new trailer for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" is out and fans are going crazy! 

Why are they going crazy? Well, because in the latest trailer it appears that Rey is moving over to the Dark Side. 

The first 34 seconds are familiar to fans, but it's the voices of Darth Vader and others from the Dark Side that have ramped up the anticipation for the film. 

The final chapter in the saga hits theaters this Christmas.

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