The D-List: Friday

Ariana Grande and Social House Drop “Boyfriend” Video

Ariana Grande and Social House have teamed up again and have released "Boyfriend."

She's worked with the guys for other hits you may have heard like "Thank You Next," "7 Rings," and "Monopoly."

The video and song are now available on Apple Music.



Verdict: Katy Perry, Collaborators Must Pay $2.78M in ‘Dark Horse’ Copyright Case

A verdict has been handed down in a lawsuit that claims Katy Perry and her collaborators copied Christian rap song, “Joyful Noise” in the making of her hit song, “Dark Horse.”

Perry will have to pay Christian rapper, Marcus Gray and his co-writers $550,000 while Perry’s label will pay the remaining amount.

It took Gray five years to reach the settlement, “Dark Horse” made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2014 where it remained for four weeks, the song also got Perry a Grammy nomination.

“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” Series in Works

If you loved the movie "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" you're going to love this, the movie is coming back as a television series.

The mobile platform Quibi is working feverishly to make this a reality when their mobile streaming platform launches soon.

The series will focus on an online writer and an oversexed ad executive who both want to prove they can be in a monogamous relationship.

There's no word on casting for the series but look for the mobile streaming platform Quibi to go live in April of next year.

Freezer Pop Fans Angry After One Company Removes Artificial Coloring

While many people are moving towards a healthier, more natural diet, there seems to be one group holding out: Freezer pop fans.

Back in June, Otter Pops changed their popular formula to 100% fruit juice, swapping out all artificial coloring. Unfortunately, shoppers were not happy.

Instead of bright blue, red, and green, the inside of the plastic tube is more of a bland tan, thanks to its apple juice concentrate base.

The Twitter army has gone on the attack. One user gave a thumbs down, writing, "Otter pops aren't the same now that they're colorless," while another adds, "They look like either polluted water or sewage water...not appetizing."

Original ‘Lion King’ Animators Aren’t Happy About Disney’s Remake

Taking in over a billion dollars at the box office, it's safe to say fans are all in when it comes to the "live-action" remake of The Lion King. But there is one group who can't feel the love tonight.

Many of those who worked on the 1994 animated original told HuffPost they're upset that the new film was made.

"It kind of hurts," said designer David Stephan, who takes a swipe at Disney's motivations, adding, "'Yeah, we just want to make money.' That's disappointing as an artist, from a studio that was founded on originality and art."

Several of the 13 artists the site spoke with wouldn't go on record, with three admitting flat out they will not see the new film in theaters.

Build-a-Bear Reveals Deadpool Bear

When you think of the Marvel character Deadpool you tend to think of crude humor and violence, but now Build-ABear is showing you a softer side of the "Merc with a Mouth" in the form of a new bear.

The bears are being sold online as an exclusive collector's item and even will come with a plush sword.

In true Build-ABear fashion, you can also purchase accessories like bunny ears, a mobile phone, cowboy outfit, and more.

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