The D-List: Thursday

Busta Rhymes Reportedly Lost It on Passengers on Flight

Busta Rhymes is accused of getting aggressive with a passenger that put her luggage in his first-class luggage space.

Busta got heated on a flight and escorted off the plane by police in New York.

He got on the plane with 5 bags before finding out someone used his luggage space.

He got agitated and rude before insulting the woman who had her stuff in his space.

The woman's husband intervened and Busta responded to him, let's go homeboy.

Chance the Rapper Says Celibacy Saved His Life

Newly married rapper Chance The Rapper is giving his wife props for saving his life through celibacy.

He revealed that and more about his relationship with his wife, Kristen Corley, during an interview with Nicki Minaj.

During the interview he made reference to the song "We Go High" from his new album and says it's the "best verse he wrote in his life."

In part of the verse, Chance proclaims, "She took away sex, and took me out of my element."

Ariana Grande Loved Meeting Jim Carrey

Ariana Grande was beyond excited to finally meet Jim Carrey and she told fans about the meeting on Instagram.

Grande says she's been a fan of Carrey even before she "could speak" and couldn't even put into words the moment they met.

"I've been staring at my screen and no words do this moment justice," Grande posted alongside a photo of the two. "Thankful for the most special moment of my life."

Ariana finally got the chance to meet Carrey filming a guest spot on his show "Kidding."

McDonald’s Banned From This Tourist HotSpot

This may sound too hard to believe, but McDonald's has been banned from setting up another restaurant in Rome.

The decision was made by Italy's culture ministry after a proposal was sent to have a McDonald's built near the ancient Baths of Caracalla.

Those baths date back to the third century and are near the center of the city and the famous Colosseum.

McDonald's had obtained the permit to build but that decision has been flipped like a burger.

Lady Gaga Seen Kissing a New Man

Lady Gaga has been spotted kissing a new man, and no, it's not Bradley Cooper. The man in question was audio engineer Daniel Horton.

The two were spotted lip-locking and canoodling in L.A. over the weekend while out on a brunch date.

Gaga's PDA session is happening a whole six months after her and her former fiance Christian Carino called things off.

Disney, Eddie Bauer Baby Sleepers Recalled

Attention parents, the Disney, Eddie Bauer incline sleepers have been recalled over concerns that an infant could roll over in it and suffocate.

There are two products involved in the recall and they are the Eddie Bauer Slumber and Soothe Rock Bassinet plus the Disney Baby Doze and Dream Bassinet.

There haven't been any injuries reported, but the recall is precautionary after over 30 deaths have been reported in other incline sleepers.

Parents are being instructed to no longer use the sleepers that were sold at Target, Ross, KMart, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx.

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