The D-List: Thursday

Central Perk Coffee Coming To Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of "Friends"

If your idea of a good time is hanging with your neighbors while listening to "Smelly Cat" on repeat, you can enhance the experience with the actual flavor of Central Perk.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, Warner Bros. teamed up with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to release a line of coffees inspired by the show.

Coming in both medium and dark roast, you can grab 12-oz bags of beans for just $9.95, or a 20-bag canister of black tea for the same price, beginning July 31. For National Friendship Day on August 4, there's a buy one, get one free sale.

If sit-down is more your thing, the chain offers six different drinks in participating stores through August 27.

A$AP Rocky Charged With Assault

After spending weeks in a Swedish prison, ASAP Rocky and two of his crew have been charged with assault causing bodily harm after a fight in the streets of Sweden.

The Swedish prosecutor says Rocky will stay in jail until a trial, and the trial could last for three days.

The prosecutor is also saying that he has more information than what people are seeing on the internet and that witness statements have helped him to build his case that Rocky's self-defense claims won't hold up in court.

If Rocky and his crew are convicted they could be in jail for two years.

A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Prison Is Sanitary, Has Private TV, Desk & Bed

An official at the prison where A$AP Rocky is being detained said that conditions at the prison are not what people are saying.

Unconfirmed reports have stated that the conditions are inhumane including him sleeping on a yoga mat.

An official said that the prison is in good condition, the cells have beds with mattresses a desk and a private TV.

Inmates have access to books and radio and are allowed to spend up to 5 hours a day socializing with other inmates.

Unlike the U.S., Sweden does not have a bail system.

A-Rod Drops $140K For J-Lo's Birthday Porsche

Alex Rodriguez went all out for Jennifer Lopez's birthday on Wednesday.

E! News reports that Alex bought a $140,000 Porsche for his fiancee to celebrate her turning 50-years-old.

Paparazzi caught Lopez taking the car out for a ride before her birthday bash.

According to a source, the party was held at a "private home on Star Island that belonged to Gloria Estefan."

Seth MacFarlane Makes "Family Guy" Fan's Wish Come True

A boy with cerebral palsy was able to spend some time with Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane.

Seth and the Kids Wish Network hooked up Chance Yon and his family with a trip to Hollywood.

Yon met with MacFarlane on Tuesday and they had lunch. Seth drew pictures and performed some of the character voices for the young man. Chance even got to talk to Mila Kunis and Seth Green on the phone. They play Meg and Chris on the show.

Yon even got to see himself drawn as a Family Guy character. Since Chance's first flight was a bit overwhelming, MacFarlane gave the family his private jet to get back home.

Dwayne Johnson Joins Native Hawaiian Protest Against Telescope

The continuing protests to stop the installation of a giant telescope atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii just got some superstar backup.

Dwayne Johnson arrived on the Big Island Wednesday.

Johnson greeted the protesters saying, "I stand with you. This is such a critical moment and a pivotal time because the world is watching."

The protest has been going on for over a week. Native Hawaiians and other supporters are against the new telescope going up because they feel it will harm what some deem to be sacred land.

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