The D-List: Friday

Beyonce’s Lion King Album Is Out Now

As Disney's anticipated live-action remake of The Lion King hits theaters today, Beyonce's new album The Lion King: The Gift is now available.

The album has 14 tracks and besides Beyonce, the album also features Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Burner Boy, Childish Gambino, her daughter Blue Ivy, and other African artists.

"This soundtrack is a love letter to Africa," Beyonce said about her new project. "I wanted to make sure we found the best talent from Africa, and not just use the sounds and did my interpretation of it."

The album also includes her latest song "Spirit."

Bud Light To Give Area 51 Escapees Free Beer

With celebrities like Lil Nas X and Guy Fieri offering their support behind the viral "Storm Area 51" event, Bud Light wanted to buck the trend.

On Wednesday, the beer giant tweeted, "We'd like to be the first brand to formally announce that we will not be sponsoring the Area 51 raid." But then they had a change of heart, replying, "Screw it. Free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out."

In a second posting, Bud Light showed off a photo of their iconic tall can, decked out in black and neon green with an alien shaped head replacing the logo. At the top are the words, "We know of no space beer by any other life form which is brewed and aged to be more refreshing."

While some asked if they were joking, Bud commented, "51,000 RTs and we'll make it happen." The post is currently halfway there.

Woolworth “Lion King” Ooshies Selling for $45K on eBay

If you're a big fan of Lion King collectibles, then you're going to love the Lion King Ooshie that's on eBay right now for $45,000.

The rare orange Simba is, in fact, worth the huge amount and it's going to the highest bidder on eBay.

If Simba is out of your price range, how about grabbing a blub Mufasa for $10K or a Golden Nala and Simba for $2,500.

If that's still out of your price range, there are more Lion King collectibles on eBay and they've become very popular since Woolworth released the collectible items earlier this week.

Shawn Mendes Slides Into A Fan's DMs

Shawn Mendes' relationship with his fans is special. So special that he's not afraid to slide into someone's DM's to ask a question.

One of his fans named Kayla tweeted a doctored photo featuring Mendes with a butterfly tattooed to his arm.

Mendes saw it and liked it. He messaged her saying, "Wait this is awesome, can u DM the drawing ??"

The two had a conversation back and forth about the tattoo, how she photoshopped it and more. Kayla posted clips of the chat.

Beyoncé Was "Nervous" To Meet Meghan Markle At "Lion King" Premiere

The European premiere of The Lion King took place last week in London. All eyes were on the meeting between Beyoncé and Duchess Meghan.

The Lion King cast member Billy Eichner told Jimmy Kimmel that everyone, including Beyoncé, was nervous about meeting Meghan and Prince Harry.

Eichner said, "What makes you nervous is that in the days leading up to it, they email you a protocol of how you're supposed to greet Prince Harry and Meghan, and they're very intense about it."

Sticking up for Beyoncé, Kimmel replied, "They should be bowing to her!"

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