The D-List: Tuesday

Shawn and Camilla Were Seen Kissing

Sing along people! Shawn and Camila were spotted in the streets, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Yep, the newly rumored couple were spotted in San Francisco sharing a more than friends lip lock at a cafe while Shawn was in town for the weekend to perform.

That's not the only time the two were seen in San Fran, another person saw them the day before having a makeout session at another cafe.

They have yet to confirm they're an item, but it's obvious something is "in Their Blood."

Grand Canyon Visitors Tossed Out Without Notice So Beyonce Could Helicopter In

Some Grand Canyon visitors were very upset because their vacation was interrupted when Beyonce flew her helicopter into the Grand Canyon to film a video for the upcoming The Lion King movie.

Getting to go to Havasu Falls is a pretty big deal, there are only 300 passes per day given out by the Havasupai tribe and you have to wait sometimes a year in advance.

Visitors were asked to leave and according to some of the disgruntled vacationers, they haven’t been compensated and they say Beyonce didn’t even go and thank the Havasupai tribe.

Sandler Helps Raise $15K for Thirst Project

As a tribute to the late Cameron Boyce, Adam Sandler helped to raise $15K for Cameron's favorite charity Thirst Project.

The objective of the Thirst Project is to help provide clean drinking water to villages throughout Africa, and the CEO of the organization, Seth Maxwell says Sandler's help was greatly appreciated.

Cameron's fellow Disney channel co-stars have also picked up where Sandler left off and are asking their friends to donate to the charity on their pages in Cameron's honor.

Netflix Hiring Extras for New Series

If you're trying to get into pictures, Netflix needs to you as soon as possible.

The streaming giant is aggressively hiring extras for an original series set in the Scottish Highlands and it doesn't matter your color or sex. You just need to be ver 17 and allowed to work in the UK.

Shooting will be in Scotland through September for one to three days, but some lucky people could get to do more. Spanish speaking actors, you're really going to get a look, but that doesn't mean you'll automatically get a role.

For all the details head over to the Casting Collective website.

Zachary Levi Talks “Shazam” Sequel

If you let Zachary Levi tell it, execs at Warner Bros. want to do Shazam! 2 "as soon as possible."

While in Germany, Zach said the movie was coming soon because the teens in the film were growing so fast, but he then changed things around.

"The truth is I don't really know anything," Levi admitted.

Levi also said he's having a meeting soon about what direction the sequel will take, but he could've been not telling the truth about that too.

Fans Going Crazy Over Harry Potter Line at Target

Fans of Harry Potter have been put into a spell after Target revealed their Harry Potter collection.

The collection is over 500 pieces strong and if you're a true fan I'm sure you'll conjure up some cash to add these Harry Potter pieces to your collection.

Oh, what's in the collection? Well, things like comforters, t-shirts, a throw that's covered in spells, a Harry Potter shaped pillow, and so much more.

oh as a bonus, there's going to be a special event for Potterheads at Target on July 21, where you can play games, take photos, win merch, and lots more.

Check out the new line HERE!

A variety of Harry Potter LEGO sets against a foggy, mountain-filled background


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