The D-List: Monday

Lil Nas X Announces Release Date for Debut EP “7”

The big day is finally here-Lil Nas X has announced the release date for his debut EP.

It drops this Friday, June 21st. The EP is called "7."

The EP will contain the remix to Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus as well as a guest appearance from OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder.

The EP will contain 7 songs-hence the name.

Old Town Road has spent 10 weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.


Blue Ivy Shines at Dance Recital

Jay Z and Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy showed that being on stage is in her genes during a recent dance recital.

Blue was front and center for her performance at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy and just like her mom, she slayed the performance.

Blue performed three times during the show and one of the performances included a dance routine to her mom's "Before I Let Go."

She even ended one routine with a split.

Lorde Confirms Third Album Coming

Using the second anniversary of the release of Melodrama, Lorde took to Instagram with some updates for her fans.

The New Zealand singer reveals what she's been up to recently, slipping in a line that her third album "is in the oven."

"Feels like I've grown a lot since then, i've been to antarctica, i have a dog now and a cat and i can bake bread and cook dinner and keep plants alive etc. It's a good life you've given me," says Lorde.

Last fall, Lorde said that she hadn't "started properly on the next record yet," but did note that she was teaching herself to play the piano.

Did Marvel Just Tease “Spiderman 4?”

Okay, so Marvel is at it again. The studio just released a tease that has many either scratching their heads in wonder or pulling their hair out with excitement.

The tease on social media shows the number 4 written in a spider's web. What that means, Well, Marvel isn't saying anything.

Since the post did have the hashtag #MarvelComics fans believe that a comic book tag team between Spidey and The Fantastic Four is on the way, while others think it may be more.

Another theory is that Marvel is giving director Sam Raimi the chance to tell the fourth Spider-Man tale he never had the chance to tell, but right now it's all theory.



It looks like we're receiving a countdown to SOMETHING from Marvel, we just don't know what it is yet!!!


Netflix Orders “Game of Thrones” Style Drama

Deadline is reporting that Netflix is preparing a "Game of Thornes" style docu-drama about samurai in Japan.

The show will be titled, "Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan," and will be about "the warring kingdoms of feudal Japan when warlords fought to become absolute ruler."

The series will also pay homage to graphic novels and Japanese art. Look for it to be on the streaming service later this year.

There’s a Website That Warns You If a Dog Dies in a Movie

Dogs have played pivotal roles in lots of movies and sometimes the dog doesn't make it to the end of the film. If you are one of those that can't handle a dog dying in a movie, there's a website that will warn you about the dog dying in the movie.

The site, Does The Dog Die, gives spoilers for movies, TV, books, and more for those that don't want to see their favorite canine go to heaven.

And if you're thinking about other animals there are also categories for horses, cats, and other animals.

The site is also updated with other scenarios that you may not want to see in a movie.


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