The D-List: Thursday

Childish Gambino Slated to Drop a New Album

Childish Gambino fans you may be getting a new album soon, but this could be the last Childish Gambino album too.

Rolling Stone and others say this album will be the death of Gambino, which in reality could mean two things. Either Donald Glover is getting rid of the Childish Gambino name or Glover is leaving music altogether.

"I don't know if you want to hype a death up," said Donald's manager Fam Udeorji. "It's more so this chapter is over. We don't have to be Game of Thrones and have Gambino ice cream."

Glover and his team are remaining tight-lipped about the album, but let's hope if it is the death of Childish Gambino that he's sent off in a blaze of glory.

Starbucks Releases Coffee Pairings For Your Breakfast Foods

We already know which wines pair perfectly with dinner, why not coffee with breakfast? That seems to be the logic behind Starbucks' new line to complement the most important meal of the day.

Coming in three varieties, you can pick these up for home in K-Cups and ground bags.

Sweet Mornings Blend, with its hints of cocoa and dried fruit, is meant to be enjoyed alongside pastries, yogurt, and cereal, while Savory Mornings Blend will bring out the flavors in your omelets, bacon and avocado toast.

If something sweet is more to your morning liking, Dessert Blend goes great with chocolate, cheesecake, and fruit pies, says The Daily Meal.

Paul Rudd Wants “Ant-Man” Fan Campaign

"Ant-Man" star Paul Rudd needs your help. You see, although the first two "Ant-Man" films were a success he's not so sure that a third film will happen and he needs Marvel and Ant-Man fans to help make a third film happen.

Rudd can be seen in a new Pepsi commercial with co-star Michael Peña and when he was asked about a third Ant-Man film he said, "You need to make a call to the top brass and start a campaign to make it happen."

The first two films made big money for Disney and Marvel despite being part of the smaller phase of the MCU.

Check out the new Pepsi IMAX commercial below!

Netflix Plans to Turn Shows Into Video Games

Netflix has revealed that it plans to develop some of its original shows into video games.

The streaming service made the announcement at E3 yesterday and showed footage of the first series getting the video game treatment which is "Stranger Things."

The Stranger Things game will come out on July 4 and will be available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and other consoles.

Netflix also announced a Stranger Things mobile game that will launch next year and a game based on another Netflix show "Dark Crystal" will also be making its way to a console near you.

Celebrities Offer Congratulations To The Blues On Their First Stanley Cup Win

The Blues did something that has never happened before in North America's four major sports leagues: they won a title after coming up from last place for more than a quarter of the season.

With that impressive stat from the NHL, several celebrities took to social media to offer their congratulations on the franchise's first hoisting of the Stanley Cup.

Athletes from all over the US shared their messages, including last year's victors, the Washington Capitals.

Feuding with her counterpart on The Office, St Louis native Jenna Fischer posted a video of her adding icing to what she calls a "Gloria Cake," tagging Bruins fan John Krasinski, who had been teasing her throughout the seven-game series.

Ariana Grande Breaks Down During Concert In Mac Miller's Hometown

Ariana Grande took the stage in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night. Tributes to her ex, Mac Miller didn't go unnoticed.

Even though Grande didn't directly address Miller's death, his music was heard over the speakers in the PPG Paints Arena before the show.

When she sang Raindrops, she reportedly couldn't finish the song. Many believe Raindrops was about the end of her relationship with Miller.

During Thank U, Next, she struggled to sing Miller's name. The audience made up for it as she composed herself.

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