The D-List: Friday

Ariana Grande Postpones World Tour After Allergic Reaction to Tomatoes

Ariana Grande has postponed her world tour after she suffered an allergic reaction to tomatoes. The singer took to Instagram to apologize to her Orlando and Tampa fans who won’t get to see Grande until November.

According to Dr. Ruchi Gupta, director of the Science and Outcomes of Allergy and Asthma Research Program at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, say some of the reasons why adults develop food allergies that they haven’t had before comes down to environmental changes, viral or bacterial illnesses, prescribed antibiotics or hormonal changes that can affect the immune system.

"Nothing more unfair than an Italian woman developing an allergy to tomatoes in her mid-twenties," Grande wrote on Instagram.

Meghan Markle and Baby Archie Are Coming to America

Plans are underway for the Duchess to come to America with baby Archie sometime this Summer.

According to US Weekly, Meghan and baby Archie are set to visit New York where Markle will meet with her mother and friends. The decision to go to New York was made because the trip is shorter for her and the baby than going to Los Angeles where her mother lives.

Meghan and Harry also plan to bring the baby to South Africa before the end of the year and arrangements are already being made in anticipation of the royal couple’s arrival.

Meanwhile, Harry has been staying busy while Markle remains on maternity leave. She’s expected to make her next appearance on June 8th at Trooping the Colour.

Ben & Jerry's Plans For CBD-Infused Ice Cream Once It's Legal

Need to chill out? Head to your freezer. The dream of ice cream as a cure for what ails you may soon be a reality thanks to Ben & Jerry's.

The company announced plans on Thursday to roll out pints infused with CBD. The only hitch; they're waiting until cannabidiol becomes legal nationwide.

Comments to their Instagram post ranged mostly positive, with one user writing, "This is a great idea especially for period symptoms! Y'all are great," while another joked, "Pls do thc Ben n Jerrys! I'm tryna get full baked eating half baked!"

For now, CBD in foods is blocked by FDA regulations, but there is a public hearing on Friday to discuss changes.

Robert Pattinson Is The New Batman

It's official. We have a new Batman. Hello, Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson is known for his time in the Twilight series

Warner Brothers made the decision on Friday. An official announcement has not been made yet.

Production on The Batman is expected to start this year.

Chicago Police Release Jussie Smollett Documents

Chicago police have released text messages and other documents that are related to the Jussie Smollett case that reveal more about the communication between Smollett and the two brothers that are also involved in the case.

There were texts of Smollett asking the brothers for drugs months before the alleged beating incident took place, plus a message from Smollett to the brothers that read, "Might need your help on the low. You around to meet up and talk face to face?"

The newly released documents also show that Smollett wasn't cooperative with authorities during the investigation into the attack by refusing to look at suspect photos, refusing to turn over his phone, and refusing DNA tests.

"Godzilla: King Of The Monsters" Pulls In Over $6 Million on Thursday

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters got off to a good start at the box office in Thursday night previews.

The movie made $6.3 million.

Analysts expect the film to make $50 to $55 million this weekend and take over the top spot as the number one movie in America.

Ma and Rocketman are the other two big releases for the first weekend of June.

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