The D-List: Thursday

Lady Gaga Fashion Exhibit Comes To Las Vegas

If you ever wanted to see some of Lady Gaga's classic outfits, you can visit them in Las Vegas.

The Haus of Gaga officially opens today (May 30th) adjacent to the Park Theater at Park MGM. Lady Gaga's residency is taking place there.

You will be able to look at the famed meat dress up close. It has been preserved by American Taxidermy and the 2010 dress is now "jerky."

In total, fans can view about 20 dresses and 40 accessories including wigs and shoes at Haus of Gaga. There is no admission fee but visitors are encouraged to leave a donation for Gaga's Born This Way Foundation.

“Pet Semetary” Star Leo the Cat Has Died

Sad news for movie buffs and cat lovers, Leo the Cat who played the undead version of Church in the film Pet Semetary has passed away.

Leo's trainer confirmed the news of Leo's death on social media early this morning.

Four cats were used for the role in the movie, but Leo's face became the star of the film and was used for posters to promote the film.

Uber May Let You Pick Your Driver

Ever have a good experience in an Uber and wish you could request that driver again? You just might be able to!

Uber is testing a feature that will allow you to add drivers to a list of favorites.

Next time you need a ride and one of your favorite drivers is working nearby it will connect you to them.

Uber has been making lots of changes. They recently added "quiet mode" for when passengers don't want to talk and they are now kicking passengers off the platform who have low ratings

Baskin Robbins Teams Up With "Stranger Things"

What better way to binge-watch Stranger Things this summer than with a tub of ice cream on your lap and a spoon in your hand. Thanks to Baskin Robbins, you now can.

The hit Netflix series has been teaming up with some iconic 1980s brands before the launch of its third season on July 4.

Two new flavors are coming next month from the ice cream giant, themed after the show.

Eleven's Heaven takes a page from the character by the same name and contains waffle cone pieces, while Upside Down Pralines features chocolate ice cream with praline pecans and caramel ribbons.

Was The Ending of "Dark Phoenix" Changed Because of Another Movie?

Dark Phoenix will finally arrive in theaters next Friday. The movie did a lot of re-shoots last year that delayed the release latest X-Men adventure.

If you ask some of the movie's stars, the ending of the movie had to be changed because it was too similar to another superhero film.

James McAvoy told Yahoo Movies, “The finale HAD to change. There was a lot of overlap and parallels with another superhero movie that came out...a while ago." Michael Fassbender jokingly said there were "spies on the set" from the other movie.

Insiders believe that "other movie" was Captain Marvel. The film's director Simon Kinberg admitted that they changed the ending of Dark Phoenix from a big space in Captain something more "grounded."

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