The D-List: Wednesday

Justin Bieber Pulled Over in His Lambo for Shadiness

Justin Bieber caught a break in Beverly Hills on Monday night when a police officer pulled him over for no front license plate and dark tint on his Lamborghini.

Instead of getting a ticket like the rest of us probably would have Bieber was spared and got off with a warning because he was “polite” according to the cop.

Kit Harington Checked Into Luxury Rehab for Stress and Alcohol

Kit Harington felt like most Game of Thrones fans as the series came to an end, however for Harington, who played Jon Snow for eight years, the ending was so stressful he had to go to rehab.

32-year-old Harington is at a $120,000 a month luxury rehab in Connecticut trying to beat stress and alcohol, he came to the facility a few weeks prior to the airing of the last GOT episode.

His wife, Rose Leslie who played Ygritte is being very supportive of Harington, who took the ending of GOT very hard, “My final day of shooting, I felt fine … I felt fine … I felt fine … then I went to do my last shots and started hyperventilating a bit …Then they called ‘wrap’ and I just f—-g broke down. It was this onslaught of relief and grief about not being able to do this again,” said Harington.

Warner Bros. Records Rebrands as Warner Records

After 61 years Warner Bros. is being rebranded as Warner Records. The name change is happening for legal and imaging reasons.

Warner Bros. Records was a division created from Warner Bros. Pictures in 1958, the record company was allowed to use the name for 15 years.

According to Warner Records, the new logo will give the company a fresh start after several changes in leadership have plagued the label for years.

Now Warner Records hopes that the new look will give new meaning to people across the world.

Pokemon Sleep Is a New Game That You Play While Asleep

When Pokemon Go hit the scene it gave people a chance to get out and get active, well now those same people are putting stress on you getting a good night's sleep and catch Pokemon with a new game called Pokemon Sleep.

If you're wondering how the game will work here goes, the game will "track your sleep patterns and the gameplay will adjust to your sleep pattern."

If this is intriguing to you, the app game is coming in 2020 on a new gadget from Nintendo called the Pokemon Go Plus.

Wayment! IONO About These Alleged UNO Rules!

People are pretty shook about UNO’s new rules, earlier in the month, it was revealed that you no longer able to stack drawing card and now another rule has people up in arms.

According to the new UNO rules you don’t have to continue to pick up cards until you find the color that matches the discard pile, what?!

So if you don’t have the card you need, you only have to pick one card, on the bright side you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to hold 20 cards in your hand.

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