The D-List: Tuesday

Rihanna Sends Sza a Fenty Gift Card

Rihanna sent fellow singer Sza a Fenty gift card after Sza claimed she'd been racially profiled at a Sephora in California.

Sza posted on social media about the incident at the Calabasas Sephora location to her Twitter followers last month and said, "Can a b**ch cop her Fenty in peace er whut?"

Well, Rihanna must have gotten the word about what happened to Sza because Sza shared a picture of a Fenty gift card she received from Rihanna with a letter that read, "Go buy Fenty beauty in peace sis."

Fans loved Rihanna's gesture and on even pledged her lifetime support to the singer/fashion maven.

Iggy Azalea Speaks About Nude Photos Leak

Iggy Azalea is steaming after nude photos of her from a GQ photo shoot she'd done years ago were leaked to the public.

The photographer who did the photo shoot says that the pictures were stolen and published without his permission, and he vows to find the person who betrayed his trust and prosecute them.

Over the weekend, the topless photos circulated across the internet and the comments made Iggy shut down her socials completely.

She did reactivate one account to release a statement about the situation and also vowed to find the person responsible and file criminal charges against them for leaking her nude photos from three years ago.

Harrison Ford Doesn’t Want Chris Pratt to Play Indiana Jones

If you're thinking that Harrison Ford would ever sign off on someone else playing Indiana Jones, think again.

The actor was on the Today show and was asked who he'd like to see reprise the role and Ford said, "Nobody is going to be Indiana Jones, don't you get it? I'm Indiana Jones. When I'm gone, he's gone. It's easy."

Chris Pratt was rumored to play a younger version of the character in a future film, but Harrison shut that down by saying, "I'm sorry man."

A fifth Indiana Jones movie has been confirmed and is expected to hit theaters in 2021. Check out the interview and Ford's 'Indiana Jones' comments about 4 minutes in.

“Kingsman 3” to Film This Year

The third installment of the Kingsman movies may begin filming as soon as this year.

The first two films have grossed $825 million worldwide making the decision to do a third film easy for the movie company.

There is also talk of a possible prequel, sequel, tv show, and other spinoffs. Eggsy and Harry will return for part three, and the final editing of the prequel, The Great Game.

Also, the word is Liam Neeson will play a part in The Great Game as well.

Kids Sent to Detox Over Fortnite

Whether you like it or not, your kids are playing or have played Fortnite, and because of that many kids are being diagnosed with gaming addictions.

Cases of kids threatening to burn down homes if they can't play, faking sickness to stay home, or some other drastic excuse is sending kids to detox centers across the globe.

Plus, this week the World Health Organization has deemed gaming addiction an official disease.

Tyler, the Creator Just Made History

Tyler, THe Creator is having quite the wave of success right now.

He's had three sold-out shows in London after just starting out with one surprise performance and now he has set a record with his first number one album, Igor.

That's right, Tyler's record passed DJ Khaled's to become Billboard's number one album, and it makes Tyler the first solo rapper in history to have a No.1 album that he produced, and arranged all by himself.

Tyler posted the accomplishment on his social media and asked the question, "Now who gone take a chance and let me produce for them?"

Mom Gives Birth in Car While Three Kids Film from Backseat

A family in Henderson, Nevada was on their way to the hospital to welcome their new baby. The baby wasn't waiting for the car ride.

The mother delivered the infant while her husband drove and their three other children were in the back seat.

The 10-year-old son was already recording a pre-birth video that all of a sudden changed into capturing the labor.

The child arrived safely and was named Joilee. Some people on the internet are calling the baby Infiniti because that is the type of car the infant was born in.

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