The D-List: Wednesday

Drumstick Ice Cream Cereal Is Now a Thing

You can now have ice cream for breakfast. General Mills has just launched two Drumstick ice cream inspired cereals for breakfast.

The cereal will hit shelves this summer and will come in two flavors, Classic Vanilla, and Mint Chocolate.

The cereal will be available in select stores, and Walmart has already confirmed that they will be one of the stores carrying the cereal.

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Drake’s Notebook Selling for $35K

Drake's old notebook is up for sale.

The old notebook is said to be chopped full of lyrics, notes, and writings and was found in the garbage near his grandfather's furniture factory in his hometown of Canada.

The notebook is believed to be from the year 2000 and is selling for $35,000.

Couple's Secret To Their 79-Year Marriage

According to their daughter, Curtis and Virginia Peters owe the success of their 79-year marriage to one very simple daily ritual.

Susan Peters Cathoir tells TODAY Food that her parents share a chocolate bar almost every day, noting, "They love the Hershey's. It melts in their mouth just the way want it."

Cathoir says the brand was everywhere in the house, from Kisses in candy bowls to bars in the kitchen. The family even took a road trip by bus to Hersheypark in the 1950s from their home in Iowa.

While the elderly Peters now live in a nursing home, they still enjoy their special treat together.

Justin Bieber Launching a Deodorant

If you're a true Belieber, you can now smell just like Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber took to social media and announced that he is launching his own line of deodorant.

For the announcement, Biebs made a shirtless Instagram post with the caption that read, "Ready for Here + Now new collab coming this Fall with @schmidtsnaturals."

Bieber's smell good is said to be vegan, cruelty-free, and made with plant-based products.

Ice-T Said He Almost Shot an Amazon Delivery Driver

Actor and rapper Ice-T is trying to help out Amazon before one of their delivery people gets hurt.

He tweeted that he almost shot a courier delivering a package. The person was not wearing a uniform.

Ice-T said, “Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries … maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on it. … I almost shot a MF creeping up to my crib last night…. Just sayin.”

Amazon's Vice President of Operations Dave Clark responded to the tweet saying, "Just sayin … thanks for the suggestion. We MF’ing love you and our drivers.”

“GoT” Prequel May Not Air Till 2021

According to the HBO programming president, the "Game of Thrones" prequel won't be on the air until 2021.

"Shooting a pilot in June 2019 and having it on the air a year later feels a little rushed, but its too soon to tell," says Casey Bloys.

The prequel will be set thousands of years before the "Game of Thrones" that you now know and will star Naomi Watts.

The series will also focus on where the White Walkers came from, and the Starks family legends.

“The Voice” Champion Has Been Crowned

Congratulations to the season 16 winner of "The Voice" Maelyn Jarman and her coach John Legend.

Jarmon was crowned the winner and Gyth Rigdon came in second place, Dexter Roberts was third, and Andrew Sevener was fourth.

Jarmon, who is deaf in one ear, was crowned the champ during a star-studded two-hour finale and the win gave John Legend his first win as a coach on the show.



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