The D-List: Monday

Fans Spot Water Bottle In "Game Of Thrones" Finale

Perhaps HBO should have put a few extra dollars into their set cleaning budget. Coming on the heels of the "coffee cup incident," eagle-eyed "Game of Thrones" viewers caught another garbage gaffe.

On Sunday's series grand finale, a water bottle was found near character Samwell Tarly's feet. According to reports, the moment comes at the 46:19 mark.

The bottle is shown again in the same scene, this time at the feet of Sir Davos Seaworth.

Mashable notes a branding opportunity was lost here, as the bottle in question had no identifying logos. Business Insider says #StarbucksGate was worth $2 billion in free advertising for the chain.

Instagram Model Destroys Historic Statue For Followers

When people say they're doing something for "the 'gram," generally that doesn't mean vandalizing historic pieces of artwork. But that's exactly what one Insta-model just did.

According to the UK Metro, Julia Slonska knocked the nose off a historic angel statue in Warsaw, Poland, in an alleged bid to gain more followers.

Armed with a hammer, Slonska starts swinging in her since-deleted six-second video shot by her friend in Swiss Valley Park.

Social media users were incensed by the stunt, calling the influencer "dumb and brainless", while others want to see her arrested. Metro notes she's lost a sponsor following the backlash.

Drake Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors

Drake has responded to those rumors about him getting plastic surgery in order to have a six-pack.

The speculation of plastic surgery started after Drake posted a shirtless picture and many thought his abs looked a little too sculpted.

After a producer and friend of Drake's commented that he got the abs in Colombia, Drake said, "Is this cause you're angry about the one thing that happened with that one person the other day you thought was your wifey?"

His trainer also commented by saying, Holla at me I'll get you right too."

Cardi B Wants You To Chill When You Meet Her In Public

Cardi B went on Instagram to plead with fans about how they approach her in public.

Cardi said, "When y'all see me, can y'all please not scream out my name."

She said that she tries to be low key "buying panties at Target" and "ya'll be blowin' up my spot."

Former Disney World Employee Allegedly Stole $14K In Merchandise

A man thought he could get away with stealing from Mickey Mouse!

Former Disney World employee Patrick Spikes has been accused of stealing over $14,000 worth of items from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

Not only did the 24-year-old allegedly steal the items, but he also allegedly tried to sell them.

Yes, There Is a “GoT” Helpline

If you're troubled by the way that Game of Thrones came to an end, there is a helpline to help you get your feelings in order.

The service that's being done by, the database that is usually linked to dog groomers, builders, and plumbers.

If you're trying to deal with the ending of the show you can talk with counselors about storylines and help them deal with the outcome of the series.

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