The D-List: Friday

Alex Trebek Was ‘Writhing in Pain’ During Jeopardy! Filming at the Start of His Cancer Treatment

Alex Trebek continues to share his journey has he battles stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning airing this Sunday, Alex shared that there were times during the taping of Jeopardy when he was on the floor of his dressing room in tears from the pain.

He said the producers of the show were very kind to him and always offered to stop taping but Alex would say, no, we're here, we're doing the show.

Alex, always one to maintain his humor, is encouraging viewers to guess which episodes are his real hair and which episodes are a wig. Chemotherapy caused him to lose his hair.

He is hoping to regain his own hair during the summer break.

Jessie J’s Tattoo Fail

Jessie J posted a bikini photo of herself on Instagram.

The photo highlighted a tattoo of song lyrics on her upper thing/waist area.

The song lyrics are to her song and read, don't loose who you are in the blur of the stars.

The word "loose" is spelled wrong. She trolled herself and said she got the tattoo when she was 18 years old and to this day she struggles with the difference between "lose" and "loose."

Instagram Will Block Hashtags Spreading Fake News About Vaccines

Instagram will block hashtags that surface, "verifiably false" information regarding vaccines.

They previously blocked hashtags that contained false information like #vaccinescauseaids.

When a hashtag is blocked by Instagram, it makes it impossible to find content or organize around.

Instagram is looking for ways to combat fake news.

Kim and Kanye’s Surrogate Is in Labor

If you haven't recovered from the news of the birth of the royal baby, hold on because it's being reported that Kim and Kanye's surrogate is in labor with their fourth child.

Kourtney spilled the tea while taping an episode of Ellen that featured her mom Kris as a guest.

Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby boy.

You Can Be An Intern With Natty Light This Summer

The likelihood is you probably tossed a lot of money at Natural Light over your college days, and now you can have the chance at them paying you.

The cheap beer brand, affectionately known as Natty Light, is looking for a summer intern from June 10 through August 2. And unlike most, which only offer "credit," this one puts $40 an hour in your pocket.

In a video pitch, brand manager Leon Solimani admits good grades are great, but he'd prefer "an ambitious, scrappy trailblazer," noting, "We're running Natty Light, not your uncle's accounting firm."

Presumably, you'll get to enjoy a few brews on the job since they need someone over 21, but mostly you'll help as a brand ambassador, bringing their social media some "fire viral content".

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