The D-List: Tuesday

Thai Cave Rescue Film in the Works

A project that documents the rescue of the Thai soccer team is in the works at Netflix.

The streaming giant is joining forces with the production team behind Crazy Rich Asians to bring the story to life of the 12 boys and their soccer coach being stuck in a cave for two weeks.

It hasn't been decided whether the story will be a movie or mini-series.

Paul Rudd and James Corden Make Inappropriate Music For Children

James Corden and Paul Rudd became the biggest thing in children's music according to a sketch on The Late Late Show.

The two pretended to be musicians who joined up to become The Naptime Boyz.

Their videos leave you thinking that the songs weren't meant for kids. With some inappropriate hand gestures, comments about rolling dice and some well-placed hip thrusts, the guys go a little over the top.

You'll have to see it to feel the vibe they are sending.

Pete Davidson Drops $400 at McDonald's

Following his split from Kate Beckinsale, Pete Davidson went to Baltimore to do comedy stand-up.

He also hung out with his friends to see the 3-hour long Avengers: Endgame.

To make sure everyone would make it through the movie without having to get up to go to the concession stand, Davidson reportedly spent $400 at McDonald's for food.

He gave it out to the audience and the movie theater staff.

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama Reunite on Instagram Live

Ex's Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato had a sweet reunion on Instagram Live this past Sunday.

He did a live stream and she joined him.

Valderrama told Lovato, "You look awesome, girl." She laughed at his compliment.

As they logged off after the conversation, Valderrama said, "See you, angel. Love you."

Jonah Hill Gets Travis Scott a Birthday Cake with His Face on It

Today (April 30th) is Travis Scott's birthday.

One of his biggest fans is Jonah Hill. He got Scott a cool present.

It's a birthday cake with Jonah's face plastered on the front.

The speech bubble above the cake says, "Happy birthday Travis, we love you."

Amazon Expands In-Car Delivery Service

Would you want Amazon to deliver something to your car? The shopping giant already does that for General Motors and Volvo vehicles.

The service has been expanded to Ford and Lincoln vehicles from 2017 and newer.

The Amazon vehicle delivery is available in 50 cities and your car must have a modem that connects to your car's smart system. As long as you give them clearance to drop the item off, the driver can open your car door with a code and leave your purchase inside.

You have to be a member of Amazon Prime in order to have this feature.

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