The D-List: Tuesday

Angelina Jolie Drops Pitt From Her Name

Angelina Jolie has officially dropped Pitt from her last name.

She made it part of her name back in 2014 after her and Pitt got married, but now has removed the surname as part of her divorce from the actor.

Angelina and Brad's divorce was officially terminated last Friday.

It’s Rumored Ariana Grande Got $8 Million for Coachella

According to rumors, Ariana Grande got paid $8 million for her two headlining sets at Coachella.

The money was based on her popularity as well as a way of saying thanks for signing up to do the festival at the last minute.

As you know, she stepped in when Kanye West dropped out as a headlining act.

Britney Spears May Retire From Showbiz

Rumors are circulating that Britney Spears is planning to retire from entertainment just weeks after checking into rehab.

Ever since her dad suffered a ruptured colon Britney has been struggling to cope and even canceled her Vegas residency.

According to sources, "her friends believe she's going to quit showbiz for good because without her dad there to push her or have an influence she would be able to take control of her life again."

Jamie has had control of her business affairs since 2007.

Kit Harrington Almost Lost A Testicle Filming "Game of Thrones"

Game of Thrones is dangerous for the characters. It turns out filming the show is also dicey for the real life actors.

In an interview, Kit Harrington explains how he almost lost a testicle while shooting last Sunday's episode.

((Semi-Spoiler Alert)) - In the scene when Jon Snow rides the dragon for the first time, Harrington said the mechanical bull device he was on top of actually trapped one of his testicles.

Harrington described the incident: "there was a bit where Jon almost falls off. The dragon swings around really violently, and my right ball got trapped, and I didn’t have time to say ‘Stop!’ And I was being swung around. In my head, I thought: this is how it ends, on this buck, swinging me around by my testicles, literally."

Photos From “Charlie’s Angel” Reboot Revealed

Pictures from the new look "Charlie's Angels" have been released.

The film, which stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinksi, has the Angels taken on clientele from all over the world and three special agents come together to fight against a young engineer.

The film hits theaters on November 15.

Jennifer Lopez To Receive Fashion Icon Award

Jennifer Lopez has had so many stunning fashion moments over the years. She will be honored for those looks.

Lopez will receive the 2019 CDFA (The Council for Fashion Designers) Fashion Icon Award.

CFDA Chairwoman Diane von Furstenberg said, "Jennifer Lopez uses clothes as a way to express confidence and power. Both designers and fans look forward to her fashion statements."

Past winners include Beyonce, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, and Naomi Campbell. The CFDA ceremony is considered the Oscars of the fashion industry. It will take place on June 3rd.

Sony Reveals First Details on PlayStation 5

We finally have a few details on the next generation of Sony's PlayStation.

PlayStation 5 isn't the official name yet but we can use that until we know something more specific.

PS5 will have 8K graphics, 3D sound and will also be backwards compatible with PS4 games. The hard drive will be replaced with an SSD to make game loading and play faster.

There is no release date set but Wired reports that the console will not be out this year.

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