The D-List: Thursday

There Will Be a “Game of Thrones” Documentary

HBO has announced that a 2 hour "Game of Thrones" documentary will air a week after the season ends.

"The Game of Thrones: The Last Watch" will air on May 26 to give you one final look behind the scenes of the popular series.

The documentary is said to be more of a feature film than your typical look at a show behind-the-scenes.

Justin Bieber Questioned by Police Over a Shoe Tag

Justin Bieber was recently stopped by cops and questioned about his shoe tag.

Biebs was out and about in a pair of $600 Nike Air Max 90 shoes when police stopped him, thinking that the cable tie on the shoes was a store security tag.

After the encounter, Justin blamed the shoe's creator Virgil Abloh for the questioning on his IG Story.

After he made the video Biebs rode off in his $500,000 Lambo.

Winning Powerball Ticket Sold in Wisconsin

Congratulations to a person in Wisconsin who just became $768 million dollars richer thanks to last night's Powerball draw.

The winning numbers were 16, 20, 37, 44, and 62. The Powerball was 12.

There were also jackpot winners of $2 million from Kansas and Minnesota, and $1 million winners from California, Arizona, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, and New York.

The next Powerball drawing is Saturday for $40 million.

Chris Evans Wasn’t Going to Play Captain America

The Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it could have been totally different.

Originally, Chris Evans wasn't even being considered to play the role of Captain America since he had played the Human Torch in two Fantastic Four movies.

After Kevin Feige and his team approached him, Evans turned them down not once, but twice.

Finally, it was Robert Downey Jr. who was able to convince him to join the MCU.

Four Robocall Operators Responsible for Billions of Calls

You may start getting fewer robocalls now, thanks to the government. The FTC just shut down four scamming groups that have been charged with making BILLIONS of illegal robocalls.

The four groups are now banned from making robocalls and using auto-dialers. The FTC is also hitting the companies in the wallet with fines ranging from $500,000 to nearly $4 million.

More relief from robocalls could be coming soon. Lawmakers are working on a bill to make robocalling difficult and most phone carriers have begun to offer ways to identify spoof numbers.

OK Cupid Getting GoT Fans Together

The last season of Game of Thrones is upon us and OkCupid is celebrating by helping match fans of the show together.

So the app is doing something it's never done before, it will be matching daters based on their favorite television shows!! So if youre a user of OKCupid and you answered "yes" to the question "Do you watch Game of Thrones?" you will get a badge on your profile, letting other potential matches know about your love for the HBO show.

This is a great idea! OKCupid is predicting this will increase conversations for those with the badge, by 20%.

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