The D-List: Friday

Anthony Bourdain Memorial Book Drops in May

A book dedicated to the late chef Anthony Bourdain is set to drop this spring.

The book will be called, Anthony Bourdain Remembered and will be filled with memories of Bourdain from fans, journalists, and others.

Originally, the book was intended for Bourdain's daughter, but his estate agreed to release it on a broader scale.

If you're a fan you can preorder the book now, or wait till hits bookshelves on May 28.

Calvin Harris Is Selling His Home

If you're looking for a new home in California, Calvin Harris is selling his for $5.75 million or you can rent it for $25K a month.

The 6,000 square foot crib has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a home recording studio.

Oh, there's also a swimming pool, outdoor shower, and spiral staircase.

Demi Lovato Earns Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu

Demi Lovato has been improving her jiu-jitsu since she left rehab last summer.

Lovato has become so good at the Brazilian martial arts that she has earned a second-degree blue belt.

She posted a picture of her accomplishment in her Instagram Story.

Lovato has been practicing jiu-jitsu since 2017.

You Can Earn $1000 by Binge-Watching All 20 Marvel Movies

If you're looking to make some extra cash there's a website offering a person $1,000 to binge watch all 20 Marvel superhero movies back-to-back.

Besides the cash, the winning applicant will get Marvel prizes that will include every Marvel film on Blu-Ray.

If you get the job you must live-tweet during the binge and tag in every tweet.

If you feel like you're perfect for the job just go to the same website and apply now.

Jennifer Lopez Has a New Single

Fresh off a tour announcement and an engagement, Jennifer Lopez has announced that she has a new single on the way.

The song is called "Medicine" and features French Montana.

When the single will be released isn't known, but there is a Spotify pre-order link with the announcement that has us speculating it'll be released April 5.

Emilia Clarke Reveals She Had 2 Brain Aneurysms

"Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke has made the shocking revelation that she had two brain aneurysms and two brain surgeries since the show started.

Clarke wrote about her life-threatening experiences in the New Yorker saying, "Just when all my childhood dreams seemed to have come true, I nearly lost my mind and my life."

Clarke had never gone public with the story until now after denying the reports from a National Enquirer story earlier.

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