The D-List: Thursday

K-Cup Cocktails Could Be Here Soon

Keurig and Anheuser-Busch are putting their minds together to make a home beer machine complete with K-Cup cocktails.

The pods will be bigger than coffee pods since they have to hold more liquid and flavoring.

The idea for the K-Cup cocktails came about as a possible enhancement for the Drinkworks automated home bar system that makes cocktails and hits stores in Florida, Missouri, and California this year.

The machine gives you the ability to make adult drinks for you and guests in the same style as a Keurig makes coffee.

“Game of Thrones” Monopoly Is Coming

Get ready "Game of Thrones" fans because "Game of Thrones" Monopoly is coming.

Hasbro unveiled the unique GoT game board that comes complete with metal player pieces and a throne cardholder that plays the GoT theme music.

The game runs about $30 on Amazon and will surely be a fun feature for your "Game of Thrones" watch party.

“Bill and Ted 3” Gets a Release Date

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter just made a righteous announcement about their movie "Bill and Ted 3."

The two did a video at the Hollywood Bowl and announced that "Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music" will be released August 21, 2020.

For this film older friends, Bill and Ted get a visit from someone from the future who lets them know that only their song can save the world and they go on an adventure to make the song happen.

Have You Taken The "Florida Man" Challenge?

There always seems to be a Florida man doing something silly in the news. Now you can see what story happened on your birthday.

A Twitter trend encouraged people to Google "Florida Man" followed by their birthday.

Usually, you will find a few stories that happened on that date.

A “Game of Thrones” Prequel Is Happening

For those "Game of Thrones," fans that don't want to see the show end, fear not, a prequel to the hit series will be on the way soon.

The talk of a prequel started about a year ago and details of the prequel of the George R.R. Martin series are coming to light.

The series will be set thousands of years before "Game of Thrones" and follow the decline of the world from the Golden Age of Heroes.

The show also won't feature any current GoT stars but is expected to be on the small screen in 2020.

John Legend Eats Salad for Breakfast

When you serve breakfast to John Legend don't prepare him any eggs, pancakes, bacon, or sausage he's fine with just a salad.

John says that he does after a doctor diagnosed him with hereditary cholesterol issues and suggested he add vegetables to his diet.

If you're wondering what's on his breakfast salad it consists of leafy greens and a little vinaigrette and that's pretty much it.

His wife, Chrissy Teigen, thought it was weird that he ate salad for breakfast at first, but now says, "the shock has worn off."

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