LG's SnowWhite is like a Keurig for Ice Cream

Don't you hate it when you're craving some ice cream and so you go to your local fast food place to get it and you pull up to order it and they say I'm sorry the machine is out! I absolutely hate when that happens. Things are about to change and you'll be able to have soft serve ice cream in the comfort of your own house!

According to a story from Engadget, LG is rolling out a Keurig like machine that will make soft serve ice cream right there at your house.

LG introduced its automated machine at CES 2019 called the SnowWhite. As of right now this is a concept, but this thing could be a real deal. LG said you'll be able to make ice cream, gelato and any other desserts in two to five minutes.

Best part about the machine is that it'll clean itself! If you wanna read more on the SnowWhite machine check out the tweet below!

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