The D-List: Thursday

Fans Shocked to Learn Calvin Harris Is Scottish

It turns out that a lot of people didn't know Calvin Harris was Scottish. The revelation came to light Wednesday night.

Harris accepted a Brit Award for Best Producer. When he spoke, his thick Scottish accent was noticeable.

Comments on social media ranged from "Can’t be the only one who didn’t realize Calvin Harris is Scottish" to "Calvin Harris? With the Scottish accent? My knees are WEAK."

Another person added, "All this time I thought Calvin Harris was American."

Apple Is No Longer the Most Innovative Company

Fast Company released its list of the most innovative companies and Apple wasn't at the top of the list this year, instead, the tech giant fell to number 17.

Some see the reason for their fall comes from "lack of innovation."

According to the Fast Company Apple's biggest and only innovation, last year was the A12 Bionic microchip.

Jordyn Woods Has Moved Out of Kylie’s House

Well, Jordyn Woods has moved out of Kylie Jenner's home after being busted for allegedly making out with her sister Khloe's man, Tristan Thompson.

Jordyn's decision to move out is to allow Kylie time to process all the rumors regarding her fling with Tristan.

"Jordyn is like a sister to Kylie, and she's extremely upset this could happen," a source said to Entertainment Tonight.

The source also said Kylie is still trying to get all the facts before she decides on whether or not to cut ties with her BFF totally.

ESPN Accidentally Showed A UNC Player's Junk on TV

After Wednesday night's North Carolina - Duke basketball game, ESPN showed live shots of the team locker rooms.

One of the cameras accidentally picked up a shot of a UNC player changing his clothes in the background and his penis was out for the world to see.

Although the shot changed quickly, social media responded to the mistake. Some people retweeted the scene in case others missed it.

One person commented, "how do these idiots not see a guy taking his towel off and cut off camera?"

If you really want to see the clip, click HERE...

There Is a Post-Credit Scene in “Captain Marvel”

In case you're wondering, there will be a post-credit scene at the end of Captain Marvel, as a matter of fact, there will be two post-credit scenes.

According to critics and the talk on Twitter from those who've seen the film, the scenes tie in with Avengers: Endgame.

L.A. Times writer Sonaiya Kelly says the film has "a pre and two post-credit scenes that are worth staying for and the anticipation for Endgame is definitely stoked by this film."

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