Rodeo Crowd Shocked As Bull Flips 2 In Cowboy Pinball

A bull aggressively flipped two people into the air and charged a third Saturday night as a game called “cowboy pinball” unfolded at a rodeo in Owensboro, Kentucky, according to news reports.

The event at Bull Bash featured players standing in designated spots in the rodeo ring as a loose bull rambled around. The object was to grab a $100 bill attached to the bull’s body, The Owensboro Times reported.

A video of the event first shows a white bull that seemed more interested in leaving the ring than interacting with the participants. Eventually, that bull was taken out and a much more feisty brown bull was released.

That’s when the trouble ensued. The bull flipped two men and charged another, pinning him against the fence, according to a video posted on YouTube. The crowd fell silent, according to the newspaper.

At least two of the participants required medical treatment.


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