The D-List: Friday

“Toy Story 4” Ice Cream Coming Soon

Edy's ice cream is releasing two new "Toy Story 4" themed ice cream flavors to appease our taste buds before the movie drops in theaters.

The pints were spotted in a store in Cinnamon Churro Combo and Chocolate Peanut Butter Midway Mash-up flavors with the characters from the movie on the outside packaging.

The new flavors have been spotted in Pennsylvania, but have yet to appear on Edy's website or other stores.

There are other flavors in support of the movie on store shelves now.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Engaged

Congratulations are in order for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom on their engagement!

The celeb couple announced the news on Instagram with rather catchy captions and used that time to show off Katy's engagement ring as well.

Katy and Orlando have been an on-and-off item since 2016 and got back together last year.

Ben Affleck Confirms He’s No Longer Batman

Ben Affleck has officially confirmed that he will no longer be playing the role of Batman.

Affleck confirmed the ongoing rumor last night when he appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

When Affleck was asked about how he felt about hanging up his cape he said, "I guess, I'm not Batman."

After his announcement, Kimmel and the gang decided to hang Ben's Batman cape in the rafters of his show's building as a tribute.

Feds Say Alfonso Ribeiro Can’t Copyright “Carlton” Dance

Alfonso Ribeiro got some bad news when a court decided that the "Carlton Dance" he made popular on TV can't be copywritten and denied his quest to own the rights to the dance.

If that's not enough the U.S. Copyright Office broke down the dance and said, "The combination of these three dance steps is a simple routine that is not registerable as choreographic work."

Alfonso has filed lawsuits against the makers of Fortnite and NBA2K for allegedly using the dance without his consent.

John Cena To Host Nickelodeon Revival Of Game Show

"Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" That's a question John Cena is about to find out as the WWE star takes over hosting duties for a Nickelodeon reboot of the game show.

Production will begin this spring, with the debut to take place later this year, according to Thursday's press release.

Acting also as executive producer, Cena says he's excited about the gig, adding, "And I can't wait to see kids defeat grownups who find themselves back in the classroom."

Cena is no stranger to the kid's network, having served as host of their annual Kids' Choice Awards in 2017 and 2018.

Will Jason Momoa Join the “Dune” Reboot?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jason Momoa is in talks on a deal to be a part of the "Dune" reboot.

Momoa would play the fan favorite character Duncan Idaho.

If the deal gets done Momoa would be joining an impressive cast that includes Timothee Chalamet, Josh Brolin, Zendaya, Dave Bautista, and more.

There's no release date for the movie, but filming for the project is set to start later this year.

Is Apple Working on a Foldable iPhone?

Rumor has it that Apple is working on its own version of the foldable phone.

A patent was recently discovered that featured designs of a foldable iPhone and have been described as "a clamshell-like smartphone."

Other Android phone makers like Samsung and Huawei have plans to release foldable phones this year, and rumor has it iPhone plans to release their take on the foldable iPhone in 2020.

Rare Copy of Super Mario Sells for $100K

It's time to start finding your old video games! A mint condition copy of Super Mario Bros for the NES has just sold for $100,150 during an auction and is now one of the most expensive games to ever be sold.

As a matter of fact, the game may be the most expensive ever sold because of its pristine condition.

The record-breaking copy was part of Nintendo's test launch back in 1985 and isn't the first NES game to make that much dough.

In 2014, a copy of Nintendo World Championships sold for $100,088 on eBay.

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