The D-List: Tuesday

“Friends” to Be Exclusive to Warner Media Service

Well, you might as well enjoy Friends on Netflix while you can because its stay won't be for long.

According to Kevin Reilly, president or TNT and TBS, the hit show will be seen exclusively on the Warner Media streaming service when it makes its debut.

Despite Netflix signing that $100 million deal for Friends the deal isn't exclusive and that means that the show can be seen on other streaming services.

BET Apologizes to Nicki Minaj

BET has issued an apology to Nicki Minaj over a tweet that threw shade at Nicki while giving props to Cardi B for her Grammy success.

The tweet from BET that directed readers to a story on Cardi's Best Rap Album win said, "Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront," was deleted shortly after being posted but it was too late.

Barbs took screenshots of the tweet and it caused Nicki to announce that she and Young Money wouldn't be part of the BET Awards or the BET Experience this year.

BET issued an apology that said, "The post does not reflect how we feel about Nicki. and further does not reflect our company values. We deeply apologize for the hurt, disappointment, and confusion that this post has caused."

Chance the Rapper Announces a New Album

If you've been wanting new music from Chance the Rapper you're going to get your wish in July.

The Chi-town rapper was on Instagram and said that he's been working on new music and enjoying life, and then dropped the news that his next album will arrive in July.

Pat Corcoran, Chance's manager, also confirmed the July release date in a simple statement that read, "Chance Album. July 2019."

Chance hasn't released an album since his 2016 Grammy-winning album Coloring Book.

Seth Rogen Working on Fyre Festival Spoof Movie

A spoof movie of the Fyre Festival is now in the works and it's being done by The Lonely Island and Seth Rogen.

"Oh yeah I don't want to divulge all the details but we're figuring it out right now," said Jorma Taccone of Lonely Island. "This is something that Avika and Seth cooked up, and we're figuring it all out right now."

Taccone also mentioned that he watched the Fyre Festival doc on Netflix three times already and teased the film would be similar to the 2016 film Popstar.

A release date for the movie isn't known.

Fans Upset With Will Smith’s Blue Genie

Disney released a new trailer for Aladdin featuring a first-look of a blue Will Smith in the role of The Genie and fans didn't like it at all.

Fans quickly took to social media mocking the blue Will Smith and one even asked, "Is it too late to reshoot the Aladdin movie with Shaq instead of Will Smith?"

Another asked, "Why is he so cgi?" Then the costume question came up with a social media user asking if Will should have just had a different outfit instead of being so blue like he was in December photos.

You literally CAN'T please everyone.

Airport Hotel Taking Reservations On Valentine's Day

Nothing says romantic like taking your date back to a room near the airport. But apparently TWA Hotel at JFK is being called one of the "hottest hotels" to open in New York City, according to Travel Pulse.

Starting on Valentine's Day, you can make a reservation for May onward to stay in what was formerly the TWA terminal.

Coming complete with a view of the planes and runways, each of the 512 rooms starts at $249 per overnight, with options for shorter stays if needed.

Keeping in mind how long it takes to get from JFK to downtown Manhattan, the hotel has plenty of amenities including six restaurants, eight bars, and coffee bar, plus a rooftop pool and 10,000 square-foot gym.

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