What’s Something You Like That Other People Think Is Gross?

One of the grossest -- but also most popular -- shows on TV is Dr. Pimple Popper. This doctor actually got a show because so many people were obsessed with watching her pop really old disgusting blackheads on YouTube. Guess it proves that what grosses some people out is absolutely fascinating to other people!

The same goes for food. What one person thinks is delicious could be absolutely revolting to someone else.

A recent trending post on Reddit asked users to reveal something that they like to do that other people think is gross. Here are some of the top responses:

  • Drinking pickle juice
  • Pulling out ingrown hairs
  • Eating with my hands
  • Eating the skin of a Kiwi
  • Popping other people’s pimples

Your turn ... What’s something that you like to do that other people think is gross?

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