"Tidying Up" With Marie Kondo Is The Show You Need To Watch NOW!

Netflix's new show "Tidying Up" and its host Marie Kondo (Yes, THE Marie Kondo) is inspiring people to shed the clutter in 2019.

If you don't already know, Marie Kondo is the genius behind the book "the life changing magic of tidying up". Remember seeing people look at their clutter and saying "you no longer spark joy, thank you for your service"? Yeah, that's her.

In the show, Marie visits homes and shows people how to declutter by using her KonMari Method.  Fans across the country are posting their declutter achievements on social media and many others are getting in on the craze.

I feel like this HAS to be the most satisfying show on Netflix... I read the book early last year and even started purging and decluttering over the New Year weekend because it's a resolution of mine to start the year with a clean, clutter-free home! I can't wait to binge this show and learn even more from Marie!

Will you watch? Do you think your home needs to be decluttered?



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