#MalieD: Throwback Recap Of My First Appointment With My Nutritionist!

It's #MalieD back with an update about my nutrition and, since the New Year is HERE, it's time to get serious.

My resolutions this year? FINISH WHAT I STARTED.

That being said, here's a little throwback to me recapping my first appointment with Kim Wilcox at Lemon Tree Family Medicine! They help me take care of my whole body wellness, and this was really the step in the right direction that I needed!

I learned SO MUCH from Kim. Turns out... my gut is incredibly unhealthy. They weren't lying when they said "abs are made in the kitchen", and I'm just now realizing how much my life was affected by something that can EASILY be fixed...

Don't be like me and wait until it's too late to make the easy changes. Start the year off healthy by making your appointment with Lemon Tree Family Medicine online at www.lemontreefamilymedicine.com

Follow my health journey on social media @healthymalie!

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