#MalieD: New Year's Resolution: Car Clean Out

#MalieD coming at you with an embarrassingly messy car clean out...

I told myself that one of my New Year’s resolutions would be to START the year with a completely clean car... well, I’ve done it!!!

The holiday season really caught up to me this year... from extra wrapping supplies and ugly sweaters to cleaning products and random papers, I seriously had it all going on in my car. It got to be such a stressful thing that I knew I had to do a full interior detail to really start the year off right!

Looking at all of the things I’d been lugging around, I realized just how much mental baggage I’d been holding onto. It was so cleansing doing this, and I know I’ll continue throughout the rest of the year!

So, enjoy this uber satisfying time lapse and let it be your own motivation to start the new year on the right foot.

Take a test drive of the new Audi Q5 at Kendall Audi of Anchorage today to REALLY start the new year fresh!!! On the corner of Dowling and Old Seward and at www.audiofanchorage.com

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