The D-List: Thursday

Justin & Jessica’s Secret Marriage Counseling: ‘They Went Before Things Got Worse’

As the saying goes, "there's a little truth in jokes." Well that's how Jessica Biel feels. She overheard husband Justin Timberlake joking about her appearance. He said that motherhood has changed her. He also said when she is not on the red carpet she looks like a small town housewife with too much to do. She also heard Justin refer to her as a soccer mom. A friend suggested they attend marriage counseling before things got worse. They now attend once a week. Jessica has apparently not felt like herself since giving birth three years ago.

There's Now A Toy Story Inspired Hotel

If you're a huge fan of Toy Story and always dreamed about staying in Andy's bedroom, you will soon have that chance. Just make sure your passport is valid. Opening in 2021 at the Tokyo Disney Resort is a new hotel inspired by the now classic Pixar animated series of films. According to the press release, the accommodations will be family friendly and resemble a "world where everything looks like it is made of toys."But if you can't wait the two-and-change years, The Shanghai Disneyland resort has rooms decorated with Andy's cloud wallpaper and sheets featuring the characters from the four movies.

Jason Momoa Leads Haka at 'Aquaman' Premiere

Wednesday night, Aquaman star Jason Momoa lit up the red carpet at the premiere of the movie. Momoa took off his vest. That was enough to make fans thirsty.After that, he took the Aquaman trident and led a group in the traditional Haka dance. Momoa is of Hawaiian descent. Several actors and Momoa's own kids joined in on the dance that lasted about two minutes. 

Jonah Hill Starting a Clothing Line?

Jonah Hill's fashion transformation looks to be evolving even more after the "SuperBad" actor recently revealed that his next project will be "clothing." "All I will say is that my next endeavor is in clothing," Jonah said while speaking at a GQLive event with the cast of his movie "mid90s." Evidently, fashion has been on Jonah's mind lately. He now has an Instagram account of his streetwear looks (@jonahfits) and what he plans to do next in fashion will be coming soon. 

What’s Coming To and Leaving Netflix in January 2019

If you thought this was a good month to binge shows on Netflix just wait till you here what's in store for you in January. Leaving Netflix next month will be movies like Catwoman, Blade, Blade II, The Godfather movies, and a long list of horror movies. Coming to the streaming service is the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp, Incredibles 2, and classic horror movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Strangers. Original shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Gracie and Frankie will return, and Carmen SanDiego will be a new show coming soon. 

KFC Is Selling Fried Chicken Scented Yule Logs

It's that time of year to cozy up by the fireplace and smell the scent of fried chicken.KFC has debuted a fire log that smells like The Colonel's 11 herbs and spices.You can buy it for $18.99 at There is a limited supply and you'll only be able to buy one. The website says one log per person. This is not a joke. What's your favorite food smell? Do you wish they bottled it and you could spray it all over?

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