The D-List: Monday

DNA Travel Will Be The New Trend In 2019

Thanks to those test-at-home ancestry kits, Lonely Planet reveals that the latest vacation rage for 2019 will be DNA travel, with voyagers looking trace their past. The travel guide publisher says that while getting in touch with one's roots is nothing new, now that DNA testing is pretty simple, people have been jetting off to their family's former homelands. The travel industry has taken note, as some companies are partnering with professional genealogists to craft custom tours based on findings.

Liam Payne Plans to Reunite With One Direction

Fans may be getting their One Direction reunion Christmas wish if Liam Payne has anything to do with it. During an interview Payne said, "I spoke to Niall like four hours on FaceTime, I hadn't spoken to him in ages." He also said that the members talk about meeting but never actually get together, but now that they're all in London he hopes for a meeting. Liam didn't say much about Zayn Malik as the two are rumored to have beef, but word is he's still invited to the get together. 

Jason Momoa Speaks on Affleck and Cavill DC Exit

With the release of "Aquaman" coming in a week, Jason Momoa is in the spotlight and he's talking about the recent departure of his Justice League co-stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. "If they're both out, then listen: It's just the place they're at in their careers. I mean how many has Henry done? He's done three?" Jason said. "Yeah, I mean like, you want to move on. I think if I*t, I have done three." Even after the jokes, Momoa had nothing but praise for his Justice League co-stars and director as his solo film "Aquaman" has already set records for Warner Bros and the DC Extended Universe in China. "Aquaman" will be in U.S. theaters next Friday, and is on track to make $65 million on opening weekend with no cameos from other Justice Leaguers in the film. 

Mom Cancels Baby Shower Because of Family Jokes

Family, you only have one, but sometimes your family can let you down. Just ask a mom-to-be who recently canceled her own baby shower because of her family. The mom went on Facebook to rant about her family that she says ridiculed her because of the name she's giving her unborn child, Squire Sebastian Senator. "F**k you all. Fake a** family," the mom to be said in her rant. "You won't get to be a part of my baby's life and it's all because you had to judge him." Hopefully she felt better after her rant because she left the comments open and people were on the side of her family saying things like, "ABCDE's future husband," and "This could be the first child to runaway from home before he's born." 

Post Malone to Release Second Crocs Collaboration

Is there a better collaboration than Post Malone teaming up with Crocs? Post's first Crocs shoe sold out in an hour. He's got another limited edition clog you can buy this week. The new shoe is yellow with black barbed-wire accents and six exclusive Jibbitz charms. You'd better be ready to buy. They go on sale Tuesday (December 11th) at 2:00 pm Eastern at They will also be available at select Crocs stores in New York, Florida, California, and Texas.

Avengers Fans Spot ‘Dead’ Character in Trailer

The trailer for the next Marvel Avengers movie dropped Friday, and Marvel fans have dissected the trailer to the point of noticing something the average fan may not have seen. A character that was supposed to be dead is in the trailer. During the trailer we find Tony Stark drifting in a seemingly destroyed spaceship and about to give out of oxygen, but in that scene if you look close, according to fans, you can see a "dead" character also in the spaceship. 

Ok, here comes the SPOILER ALERT, the character that fans saw was Groot. 

The trailer has already become the most-watched trailer of all time within a 24 hour period, and now with this news the views are just going to get higher.



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