The D-List: Tuesday

Seven-Year-Old Makes A Ton Of Money Reviewing Toys

This kid made more money last year than you will likely do in your lifetime, all by reviewing toys. Talk about a dream come true for a seven-year-old. Ryan of the "Ryan ToysReview" has been named No. 1 on Forbes' annual list of highest-earning YouTube stars, bringing in a whopping $22 million from June 2017 to June 2018. The channel started off in 2015, with a video of the then four-year-old opening up boxes of toys from Pixar's Cars movie, which now has been watched nearly 935 million times. With a subscriber base of 17.3 million and total views reaching 26 billion, Ryan now has an exclusive deal with Walmart on his own line of toys.

9-Year-Old Boy Gets Colorado Town to Remove Ban on Snowball Fights

Dane Best, 9, from Severance, Colorado just wants to do what other kids do in winter, have a snowball fight. Dane went to a town meeting on Monday to voice his opposition to a law banning snowball fights.  He was able to get the members to unanimously overturn it. "I think it's an outdated law," he said. "I want to be able to throw a snowball without getting in trouble." The rule was part of an ordinance that referred to shooting or throwing stones or missiles. "All of the kids always get blown away that it's illegal to have snowball fights in Severance," said the assistant town administrator Kyle Rietkirk. "So, what ends up happening is (town leaders) always encourage the kids with, 'You have the power you can change the law.' No one has." Severance also has an ordinance that says only cats and dogs can be deemed pets. Dane illegally owns a guinea pig.

Travis Scott Is Applying to Harvard

After having a baby, scoring a number one album, and driving fans crazy on tour, Travis Scott now has set his sights on Harvard University. "I'm applying to Harvard in a couple days, And I am really excited!" Scott announced on Twitter. "Somebody pinch me." Now don't think higher education is something new to Scott, before his second album Scott was a student at University of Texas San Antonio. No date has been announced on when he plans to apply or what his major would be if he's accepted. 

PETA Slams Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been accused of animal cruelty by PETA for using elephants and horses in their wedding. In a tweet meant for Chopra and Jonas PETA said, "people are rejecting elephant rides and having horse free weddings. Congrats, but we regret it was not a happy day for animals." In an interesting twist, Chopra has taken part in PETA campaigns and was the voice for the group's mechanical elephant Ellie, that toured schools in India, Europe, and the U.S. 

Ariana Grande Wants Fans to "Be Gentler" With Pete Davidson

Some Ariana Grande fans have come after her ex Pete Davidson in the wake of their breakup. Davidson posted a message on Instagram on Monday night saying, "No matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself. I won’t. I’m upset I even have to say this.”

Grande posted a screenshot of the message in her Instagram story and said, "I know u already know this but i feel i need to remind my fans to please be gentler with others. I really don’t endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity. i care deeply about pete and his health.” She continued, "I’m asking you to please be gentler with others, even on the internet. i’ve learned thru my own mistakes not to be reactive on socials so i do understand but you truly don’t know what anybody is experiencing ever. regardless of what they choose to display on social media or how they may appear in public. i can promise u that.”

Grande also clarified her feelings from her song, thank u, next saying, "I will always have irrevocable love for (Pete) and if you’ve gotten any other impression from my recent work, you might have missed the point."

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