The D-List: Monday

Trailers for “Avengers 4” and “Captain Marvel” Expected This Week

It looks like Marvel fans are going to get an early Christmas present this week in the form of trailers for their much anticipated movies "Avengers 4" and "Captain Marvel." According to YouTuber John Campea, a new "Captain Marvel" travel will be shown at halftime of tonight's Monday Night Football game. While Marvel bloggers and fans, Daniel RPK and Manabyte, believe the "Avengers 4" trailer will likely debut during the Wednesday episode of "Good Morning America." There's been no confirmation of the theories by Marvel or Disney studios, but lately they've released trailers without warning so the theories could be true. 

Ariana Says, “True Love Doesn’t Exist”

Ariana Grande has been on social media all weekend after releasing her video for "Thank U, Next" but now a post-delete tweet is getting all the attention. "Actually...I don't want no 'next'" Grande tweeted Saturday. "True love doesn't exist. Hope you're having a nice day." After posting the tweet, Ariana deleted it and then posted, "True love might exist I was just hungry, But still f**k that." 

The Office Cast Reunites, Kicks Off Revival Rumors

People have been calling for a revival of The Office for a while now and with the cast showing up together on a few occasions, the rumor mill has begun to turn. Several of the former stars joined Steve Carell when he hosted Saturday Night Live last month, and over this past weekend, there was practically a "family reunion" according to Angela Kinsey, who quoted Ed Helms. While Carell and John Krasinski skipped the get-together hosted by series creator Greg Daniels, the ones who were there have expressed their interest in bringing back the show. Back in April, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that NBC is considering an original cast reboot, with Daniels to lead the project, which could air in 2019.

Ariana Covers Pete Davidson Tattoo

Ariana Grande has covered up her Pete Davidson tattoo and replaced it with a tattoo tribute to the late Mac Miller. Ariana's fans took notice of the change while watching behind the scenes footage for her "Thank U, Next" vid. In the video, fans noticed that Ariana's "8414" tat on her foot that represented Pete's late father and firefighter had been replaced with the word "Myron" which is the name of Miller's dog. Ariana even points out the new ink in the video saying, "Look at my Myron. Guys, look. How cool, right?" Earlier, Ariana erased the "Pete" tat on her finger with a band-aid that later became a heart. 

“Crazy Rich Asians” Flops in China

"Crazy Rich Asians" made it's debut in China this weekend, and made crazy low amounts of money making only $1.2 million. The film sky-rocketed to prominence when it premiered in the US, but the speculation of it bombing in China came true. Experts say the reason that it didn't do well in China is the same reason it did well in the US, and that's the all Asian cast. While it's groundbreaking in the US, it's not so much a "thing" in the Asian market. Despite the bad debut, a sequel or two for the film are still likely to follow. 

Mark Hamill Responds to Luke Sky Walker's Arrest 

A man named Luke Sky Walker was arrested in Tennessee last Thursday for a probation violation. The news of Sky Walker's arrest didn't miss the man who played Luke in the Star Wars movies. Mark Hamill tweeted, "The real crime here is Mr. & Mrs. Walker saddling this poor guy with that name in the first place." Hamill added some more salt to the wound by commenting on Sky Walker's height of 5 feet, 6 inches. Hamill tweeted, "#AlsoTooShortForAStormtrooper."

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