The D-List: Thursday

Two Mac Miller Singles Just Dropped

To the surprise of fans, two unreleased tracks from Mac Miller have dropped on Spotify. The two songs were done exclusively for the streaming service and consist of a live cut of "Dunno" and a cover of Billy Preston's classic "Nothing from Nothing." The songs are part of the service's "Spotify Singles" collection that focus on the era of 45s and traditional singles. 

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Getting Married in Paris?

According to an insider, the secret relationship that's no secret between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is moving on to marriage. The insider says that the two will be getting married in Paris next year and are ready to "make it official." The two have been a thing since 2013, and rumors of an engagement were sparked when Katie was spotted wearing an engagement ring while filming in New Orleans. The source also says that once they're married Jamie will adopt Suri, the child that Katie had while married to Tom Cruise. They go on to say that Tom won't be happy about the adoption, but that's what Katie and Suri want. 

Mariah Enlists Her Kids in Cute New Video

Mariah Carey has put a new twist on her song "All I Want For Christmas" by letting her kids sing backup in a new video. In the video posted to Twitter, Mariah's Christmas classic comes on the radio and Monroe and Moroccan hit every "ahh" just like the perfect backup singers. As the kids sing Mariah is visibly smiling from ear to ear and loving every moment.

Hostess Snacks Now Come In Cereal Form

Hostess Honey Buns and Powdered Sugar Donettes are now cereals. Post is releasing the sweet treats this winter.Delish had a chance to taste both of them. They say the Donettes are "puffier than a Cheerio" and they have the white powdered sugar that stays with you. The Honey Buns cereal was described as similar to but "sweeter than Cinnamon Toast Crunch." You should start seeing these in your local stores by January.

Hugh Jackman's Big Announcement Is About A Stage Show

Hugh Jackman has been teasing a big announcement all week. Some thought it might be the return of Wolverine. It turns out to be far from that. Jackman announced on the Today show that he will be going on a world tour to perform songs from The Greatest Showman. In addition, Jackman will sing songs from Les Miserables and other Broadway shows while being accompanied by a full orchestra, singers and dancers. Jackman will also share stories during the concerts. The tour will come to the U.S. as well as parts of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Woman Who Choked McDonald’s Employee Arrested

The woman from California who choked and punched a McDonald's employee after she felt like she didn't get enough ketchup has been arrested. Mayra Gallo was arrested at her home after police got tips on her identity from seeing the surveillance tapes.In the tape, Gallo ordered food at the drive-thru and then used a back door to ask for ketchup.  When she was told by an employee that she could help if she went up front Gallo "became combative" police said. Gallo has been charged with assault. 

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