ICE T: Bagel Gate

Ice-T might have just broken the internet in the most unlikely of ways — by admitting he’s never had two things that for many folks are a morning ritual. 

It started when someone asked the Law & Order: SVU star what his favorite kind of bagel is. Ice then dropped the bombshell that he’s never had a bagel. “White people… Don’t lose your… minds because I’ve never eaten a bagel.. take it easy… lol.” Twenty minutes later, he upped the ante, when he posted, “I’ve never drank a cup of coffee either… go crazy!!” 

And while some folks tried to catch Ice in a lie by pointing out that they’ve seen him eat a bagel on camera before, a Vulture video investigation concluded that while he’s been seen holding a bagel on camera, there is no evidence of him actually eating a bagel or drinking coffee. 



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