The D-List: Friday

Right Now, “Avengers 4” Is Three Hours Long

The anticipation surrounding "Avengers 4" is still big, and now that the run time of the film has been revealed it's bound to get bigger. According to the film's director, Joe Russo, the film is currently about three hours long. "I'd say it could easily be a three hour film," Joe responded to a fan. "But I think that, you know, we're very hard on the material. We like it to play at a certain pace. I'm sure that we'll squeeze it." You'll have to wait until May of next year to see exactly how long the film will last. 

Loki Is Getting His Own Show

Thanks to Disney's new streaming service, the god of mischief Loki will be getting his own standalone TV show when the service launches next year. The show is currently in development and Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the theatrical releases, will reprise his role for the TV show. Loki has lots of fans, and this bit of news that he's getting his own show on the streaming service is sweet music to their ears. 

Backstreet Is Back!

Backstreet's Back alright! The Backstreet Boys have announced that they will be releasing their tenth album on January 25. The album will be called "DNA" and marks the  first album from the group since 2013. "After 25 years, to be played on the radio and get as much love is still overwhelming," AJ McLean said. There first single "Chances" is out today and talks about meeting the love of your life. 


Those Thanksgiving-Flavored Pringles Sold Out In Minutes

Like concert tickets for the hottest shows, as soon as those Thanksgiving-flavored Pringles went on sale, they sold out. Coming bundled in three flavors - turkey in a can, stuffing in a can, and pumpkin pie in a can - the $15 sets hit at 11:59pm on Tuesday and were all gone just 41 minutes later. In what should come as no surprise, Edelman Chicago's Renee Mailhoit says that the holiday pack mini-cans will be available on eBay for Giving Tuesday, which is the Tuesday following Turkey Day.

A Diner Is Serving Up “Elf” Inspired Spaghetti Sundae Dish

There's a diner in Chicago that's getting into the holiday spirit by serving up a dish inspired by the Will Ferrell movie "Elf." To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the film, Miss Ricky's Diner at the Virgin Hotel Chicago is serving up a Spaghetti Sundae dish reminiscent of what Buddy chowed down on in the movie. Their version contains strawberry and raspberry sauces, marshmallows, s'more Pop Tarts, M&Ms, Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, spaghetti, and a syrup and chocolate sauce topping to fill that elfin appetite. The dish sells for $15. 

An Oreo Dunking Kit Is Here

For all of you that enjoy dunking your Oreos in a cold glass of milk there's a new kit that will stop you from dunking your fingers in the milk. Frankford Candy has invented The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set that comes complete with everything you need to enjoy your treat of Oreos and milk. The set was spotted on Walmart's website and includes two mugs, 13 Oreo cookies, cookie cages to stack your cookies, napkins, and cookie tongs to get that firm grip on your cookies.


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