The D-List: Tuesday

Blake Shelton Is No Longer the Sexiest

If you go by his comments, I don't think Blake Shelton was ready to give up his title of "Sexiest man Alive" that was bestowed upon him last year by People magazine. Just before yesterday's announcement Shelton appeared on Ellen and she reminded him that the closer it got to naming the 2018 winner his sexy was "trickling away." "I feel like sexy ends when I'm not Sexiest Man anymore," Shelton said jokingly to Ellen. "I don't feel like it exists anymore, I feel like it's over." Shelton created quite the turmoil on social media when he got the crown last year, but wishes the next recipient nothing but the best. His successor is none other than Idris Elba. 

Disney Has ReCouped the $4 Billion It Paid for Lucasfilm

According to reports, Disney has already earned back the $4.05 billion it paid for Lucasfilm back in 2012, and has made $4.8 billion from the four Star Wars films they've released since the purchase. A senior media analyst at the analytics and measurement company Comscore says Disney's purchase was "one of the smartest acquisitions in history." Disney's cash flow from buying Lucasfilm not only comes from the movies. It also comes from Star Wars home video sales, clothing, toys, novels, and other things. To make the cash flow even better, Star Wars theme parks are opening at the Disney Parks in Florida and California next year. 

Here's A Christmas Tradition: Putting A Pickle On The Tree

Here's a Christmas tradition you might want to incorporate into this holiday season, especially if you have kids. Have you heard about putting a pickle on the tree? Known as Weihnachtsgurke in German, meaning Christmas pickle, the custom is actually a contest. On Christmas Eve, you place a glass pickle ornament on the tree and the first child to find it, gets to open the first present, an extra present, or distributes them out to the family. While some claim the tradition started in Germany, especially based on the name, it seems F.W. Woolworth started telling people that in order to sell more ornaments, which he imported from there in 1880.

Ariana Says Exes Heard “Thank U, Next” Before It Dropped

Over the weekend, Ariana Grande dropped an ode to her exes called "Thank U, Next" and while the song airs out her exes she wants you to know that they did hear it before she released it. An interesting fact is that even though the song came out just before Saturday Night Live, Grande's recent ex Pete Davidson didn't get the opportunity to have a first listen. Grande confirmed on Twitter that Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez heard the track before it came out after a fan joked about the two being mentioned in the song. Davidson did make a statement after the song dropped saying, "I know some of you are curious about the breakup, but the truth is it's nobody's business and sometimes things just don't work out." 


Brad and Angelina Headed to Court

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are headed to court in a full-on custody battle that begins next month. In court documents, the two have until next June to hash things out on their own, but the custody trial is set to start on December 4. Angelina is looking to get sole custody of their six kids. Brad, on the other hand, wants 50/50 custody. Brad also feels that Angelina is trying to deny him the right to be a parent of their kids. The custody battle is expected to last two to three weeks. 

“Deadpool 2” Is Returning to Theaters This Christmas

A kinder, gentler "Deadpool 2" is coming to theaters just in time for the holidays. The foul mouthed superhero is back for another run in theaters as a PG-13 movie called "Once Upon a Deadpool." The film's star, Ryan Reynolds, teased the Christmas fun back in September, and the film will take out the R-rated moments with new Christmas themed moments. The Christmas moments will be reminiscent of "The Princess Bride" and will have Deadpool playing the role of the story-telling grandfather with an adult Fred Savage as the bed-ridden child. The limited run of the movie will be from December 2 through Christmas Eve and $1 from every ticket sold will go to the F Cancer Charity.


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