The D-List: Monday

Will John Cena Be the Next Captain America?

When wrestling John Cena's slogan is, "You can't see me," but now he wants you to "see" him as the next Captain America. Cena posted a picture on Instagram of Captain America's battle scarred shield with no caption, and immediately fans began to speculate what was next for the WWE Superstar. According to the comics, Falcon or the Winter Soldier could be the next Captain America, but the MCU doesn't always follow the comic's storylines. Another guess from fans is that Cena will be in the next Black Panther movie, noting that in the picture, the marks on the Captain America shield look like T'Challa's claw marks. 


“All That” Could Be Coming Back to Nickelodeon

The new chief of Nickelodeon, Brian Robbins, said that he would love to bring back the classic show "All That." During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Robbins said, "I would have never canceled the show in the first place. It should've been Nickelodeon's Saturday Night Live." Robbins became the head of the network after working with he channel for years, and putting more than 20 movies in development including the latest Tyler Perry film, "Nobody's Fool."

Spice Girls Launching British Tour

Finally after years of teasing and speculation the Spice Girls are finally reuniting for a summer stadium tour, but Victoria Beckham won't be taking part in the fun. "This is so exciting," Baby Spice said. The ladies have been teasing a reunion for two years now, and have constantly had to reassure fans that it was going to happen. Now their wishes for the fans are coming true. Later today official tour dates and locations will be announced. 

Nicki Minaj’s UK Tour Has Issues

Nicki Minaj's 22 date tour of the UK is in jeopardy because of poor ticket sales. Matter of fact, not one of the shows is even sold out. Her tour is scheduled to start in Munich, Germany in February, and even with adding Future as a co-headliner ticket sales are still moving at a turtle's pace. "Nicki is a big name in the industry but she is becoming known more for the drama," an insider says. "Thousands and thousands of tickets for her show remain unsold and it's just not good at all." There is a bit of glimmering hope. Nicki's performance at last night's MTV EMAs is said to be helping the sales just a bit. 

Mac Miller Died From Cocaine, Fentanyl Overdose

The toxicology report for Mac Miller has been released.The Los Angeles County Coroner says Miller died from "mixed drug toxicity." It was an accidental overdose that included cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol. The report says Miller was found by his assistant in the praying position on his bed. He was kneeling with his face on his knees. There was an abrasion on his nose and he was bleeding from one nostril. There was a rolled up $20 bill with a powdery substance on it in Miller pants pocket.



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