Bride Secretly Fattened Up Bridesmaids Before Wedding

A woman in Australia confessed that she secretly fattened up her bridesmaids ... so she would look skinnier and better in the wedding photos. 

No joke. The woman, named Penny, insisted on making breakfast smoothies for her bridesmaids – who also happened to be her own sisters. She told them they were special weight loss smoothies and even went so far as to buy weight loss shake mixes, empty the contents and fill them with mega-weight gain protein powder that she got at a bodybuilding shop. Get this … she added triple the recommended amount to the smoothies she made for her two sisters -- and then made hers with just fruit and coconut water.

It worked. “By the time my wedding rolled around, each of my sisters had to have their dress altered to accommodate their thickening waistlines,” Penny said. “The day went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time. I never thought for a moment on my wedding day that I wasn’t the center of attention or the most important person in the room.”

Penny admits that she feels some guilt – but doesn’t regret her devious plan. She says, “Now, when I look back on my wedding photos – as I do often as we’ve got them displayed around the house – I sometimes feel a twinge of guilt that I’m standing there glowing and gorgeous in my bridal gown, and my sisters are looking washed out and chubby. But mostly I feel happy.”

Penny says her sisters have since lost the weight. 


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