TUTORIAL: How To Borrow eBooks


If you didn't know that you can use your library card to download eBooks, this video is for you!

I'm horrible at returning books. I just am! I'll read as slowly as I want and forget when I'm supposed to bring my books back to the library, resulting in overdue fines. It's hard for us to remember sometimes! Life gets so crazy, I feel blessed that I can even find time to read. Borrowing eBooks is a great alternative since I can bring them with me everywhere!

I honestly never realized just how fast and easy it was to borrow ebooks from our Anchorage Public Library! In this quick tutorial, you’ll see just how simple it is to borrow books using the library's website and the Libby App.

And don't forget... it’s ALL FREE!!! All you need is that free library card!

What will you read next?

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