Malie D. Featured in NBC's "1st Look"!


First off, huge shoutout to the Anchorage Downtown Partnership for letting iHeartRadio be part of the 2018 Hero Games at the Solstice Celebration this summer! I had a blast and the crowd was SO amazing. Working with the ADP is always fun, but I think this event took the cake for me! Seeing our first responders go head to head with volunteers and Anchorage patrons was a ton of fun and a great way to promote positive interaction.

Secondly, the fact that someone is showcasing all Alaska has to offer is amazing, and being part of something this big was mind-blowing!!! We had so much fun shooting all of the material for our feature, and the folks at NBC were so easy to work with. Johnny is an awesome host and such a fun person to be around too! They gave us a little direction for what shots they were looking for, but overall just let us do our thing and ended up capturing some great candid footage! These smiles are REAL people!!!

To have a small part in something so beautiful is incredibly humbling. Don't miss the next episodes of "1st Look" airing after Saturday Night Live every weekend!


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